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1 Jun 2012

Feeling Jubilee-ish and Olympic Torch

I'm getting really excited about this weekend.  First and foremost I am a true royalist.  I refuse to give into the whiney would-be repubilcanites who think that we should throw hundreds of years worth of tradition and monarchy down the pan.  To appreciate the monarchy you have either served under them (check!) or understand what they do on a daily basis (double check!).  Sitting on her throne is not something our Queen does, day in/day out.  I've witnessed how tireless they work in raising awareness and funds for charities that so desperately need the moolah.  The Queen gets such a bad rating from anti-royals but people forget that she born into this role and I think she does a stirling job.  **alights soap box**

I just love them.  And I plan to keep up with all the celebrations (sans street party, cry cry) this weekend.

Recently, Belles and I have been Jubilee spotting in the shops.  Its incredible to see all the branding and packaging coming together to wave the UK flag.  Our favourite changes have been

BritKats instead of Kit Kats

 Queensmill bread instead of Kingsmill Bread

Ma'amite instead of Marmite (mmmm, yes, I like Marmite!)

Belles and I also had a fab union jack waving moment today, too.  We went to watch the Olympic torch pass by in one of our nearing towns.  Did you know that any of us UK peeps are never more than 10 miles from seeing the flame pass by?  Fortunately we were only 2 miles from ours.  The build up to the torch passing was fantastic.  Ellie and I waited in a relatively quiet spot knowing that we would only get a glimpse of the torch.  Sure enough, we did but the area where we stood was 100 metres from the public crossover whereby the runner got on the coach to be driven to the next town.

Strain your eyes!  Yes, its our torch bearer in amoeba size!

 We enjoyed talking to other excited locals during the build up which gave us all a fabulous sense of occasion and one that Ellie will remember for the rest of her life.

 We come home and put the bunting up in front of our house

and sat back with a little British fancy (instead of french fancy - LOVE IT!)

And no celebration should pass without a nod to the theme of red, white and blue.  Here are two cards I knocked up for summer birthdays that we have coming up.

So we have the Jubilee, The Olympics, Euro 2012, and Wimbledon coming up - our union jacks are going to get a right old battering from constant waving.


EmmGee said...

Great start to the Jubilee weekend! I'm straight off to Sainsbugs for some of those British Fancies!! (Well, after 8am.) EmmGxx

Tina said...

I totally agee with you Kirsty, love it all. They work so hard and have a really hard life in the public. We are not having a street party but having a family get together in york, ive got my flag, nailwraps, union jack flip flops and red white and blue clothes. Have a good one.

Sue said...

Lovely cards.

Debo said...

Another proud flag-waver here! The bunting is going up tomorrow and NOT coming down until after the Olympics! Both of my babies are coming home for the weekend and our Street Party!
I think most people would be surprised by how hard our Queen works - and she's can't retire!

{waving flag jubilantly!!!}

Liz Boyce said...

I am so enamored by the Royals, I won't lie. I'm from the States, so I know I really have no clue what it's like, but I think it's very cool. I will be sad if the tradition goes down the pan, as you so nicely put it. My husband and I will be visiting London this summer, I think I'll have to buy BritKats in bulk to bring back for friends and family. :)

Jaki Morris said...

I'm with ya on this one!
I love taking my foreign students to London and letting them see our pageantry. It's brilliant.

I love the card with the bunting, I'm really regretting not buying that punch from SU now :-(


sandysewin said...

Thanks fantastic! I love the branding changes, too much fun. Your new blog header is wonderful, too. :-) Enjoy this special time.

CoventryAnn said...

Love the idea of Brit brand spotting, can feel a scrapbook page coming on already!

Di said...

Wow, me also off for those British Fancies, first thing in the morning. Any excuse is good enough :) Spotted everything else, how come I missed those huh?!

Just off to blow up more red, white and blue balloons :)

Have a fun weekend! Di xx