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28 Jun 2012

DT call for Fantastic Ribbons

If you want to try out for the call, come see the details here - I encourage all papercrafters and sewers/crochet crafters to give it their best shot!  Don't hesitate...GO FOR IT!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a sneak of some of my new stationary/decor for my photography business.  Things are afoot and will be revealed on the 3rd or maybe the 7th now as there has been some **cough, cough** teething problems....... rolls eyes.

Reminds of a little buzzy bee.  Im in love with the colours.


Judi said...

Looking FAB! There are bound to be teething probs, it's all happening so quickly, better to find these problems now rather than later. It will all be wonderful and I wish you lots of luck in your new venture - you will be fabulous! Xx

I don't have a blog so won't be able to enter in for the Fantastic Ribbons DT search but good luck to everyone who goes for it. Xx

Tina said...

I agree good colours would not have thought to put them together but it does look classy. Congrats on your new adventure, sounds very exciting. Cant wait to learn more.xx

Anonymous said...

Your stationery looks lovely Kirsty but just wanted to point out that stationery is spelt with an e not an a xxxxx

Carole Z said...

Loved your tut on fantastic ribbons and tried it straight away..brilliant! Carole Z X

scrappyjen said...

Ooh thanks for letting us all know! Might just give it a try. Jenx