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6 Jun 2012

A diamond of a weekend (and my 2000th post!)

On Saturday we drove over to my parents house.  A change of scenery was well on the cards for me but I admit, I am still feeling a little sore about things.  Just being away from our usual 4 walls for a few days can often heal the wounds. 

The drive over was smooth for a Saturday night after a lovely afternoon teaching at my local crafts shop (Crafts 4 U 2 Do in St Helens).  Ellie and I spent ages trying to capture this fun shot.  I think this is take 36!

We took over a box of my friends AMAZING cakes as a treat for us all

Ive had these sandals for 2 years and they got their fist airing on Saturday.  Red, White or Blue was the nations key colour this weekend!

 We didn't particularly do that much except rejoice in our Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  My mum and I are true Royalists, so we parked ourselves in front of the TV and watched the Flotilla Pageant, The Palace concert and today's celebrations in comfort.  Belles flitted in and out of the TV marathon and the boys (Mark and My Dad) did some geocaching.  

I noticed my Dad's been sorting our all our photographs from over the years and I came across this whilst skimming the top layer of a billion photos.  I don't have many pictures at the time Ellie was born as Mum has all the pictures.  Here, Ellie is 10 minutes old.  Firstly, I am DYING that I wore YELLOW in the delivery suite but also envious of the youth that came and went in my face. I distinctly recall how exhausted I was here but also reeling in this feeling that the situation wasn't real.  I'm sure I didn't believe she was ours for at least a year.  I was totally bewildered by her presence.  Maybe I still am.

Anyway, we managed a walk on the beach near my mums house.  It was funny, because, we were just walking along the promenade when this woman came up to me and asked if my name was Kirsty.  I recognised her face but couldn't place her immediately.  She said "Well, I saw your dog and then saw Ellie and knew it was you". She reads my blog and only recognised me from the dog and Ellie - it really tickled me.  I have met her twice through a mutual friend at a craft fair and craft event.  And now, silly me....Ive forgotten her name **blushing, so sorry!**

We went and got ourselves an ice cream which was perfect for the blustery, summery afternoon walk.  I love these tiny precious moments of togetherness when all is well with ourselves.

I had eaten all my ice cream and was left with just the cone.  Ellie helped me remedy my deficiency by grabbing two rocks that looked like a new ice and a chocolate flake to match!

Later, whilst watching the Palace concert, Mum opened the cheese.  Most of it had gone past its sell by date (still in its truckle from CHRISTMAS, tee hee) and all that was left was Blue Stilton.  YUCK.  I cannot stand the thought of shoving mould in my gob whatsoever.  But I was really looking forward to cheesing it and eating crackers without cheese is like chowing on plywood.  Mum convinced me to try a little bit.  I was gagging at the thought initially but I manned up and tried an amoeba sized piece.  Then I tried a rats dropping sized piece until I came to realise that I LOVE IT!  HOORAY!  

along with a cheese fest their was also a lot of poochy fest too.   There was a serious measure of lap dog cuddling whilst I channeled my inner queen by wearing pearls.

It was a very quiet weekend in some respects but full of jubilation as we enjoyed watching the country make a stirling effort to toast our Queen.

And finally, Ive been enjoying working with Rhonna Farrers gorgeous brushes from her Nautical Chic range.  A wonderful addition to her amazing range of hybrid and digital products

You can see the brushes here and what the DT have been up to here whilst using the kit.


Jenne said...

Look at you Mrs Wiseman in that pic with your brand new baby, you don't look like you've just given birth! As for Mr Wiseman, he looks like he's planning to kidnap Ellie from you. He looks proud and protective and like he's never going to let her go. Lovely pic .
I too have been watching the Queens celebrations and loving every minute of it and feeling very proud to be British x

Sue said...

Lovely photo of you and your hubby with Ellie.

Glad you had a nice time with your parents.

Barbara said...

Great pictures as usual Kirsty!!! Can you tell me where you got Eddies dachshound collar from as I would love to get one for my friends dog.

Carole Z said...

HI Kirsty! Lovely pics...I revelled in the Jubilee as well, don't it just make you proud to be Brtiish???Yeh! I watched it all and loved it...and Monday afternoon we held our own little garden party for family, friends and Neighbours...and raised money for charity at the same time...I just didn't want it to end! Carole Z X

Linby said...

Just had to "pin" those cupcakes, they are wonderful.

EmmGee said...

Loved the Jubilee weekend, mostly from my sofa! Congrats on your 2000th post! Is there any reason you don't put tags (?) on your posts, sometimes I'd like to look at an old one for something. Cheers. EmG xx