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9 Jun 2012

And the rain continues

Well I might as well as live in my galoshers and wellies.  In fact, Im even costing how much 4x1 I need to build an arc.  WILL YOU STOP RAINING, PURLEEEEEEASE?  We want to take the poochy for a walk.  Instead he is laying on his blanket, wrapped up in either mine or hubbies arms looking totally deflated.  Look at those eyes.  They are willing "walking" thoughts into my head.

In time, little time.

That didn't stop Belles and I venturing out for a little breather from revising.  Our Gateway person failed to turn up which put more of a dampener on things.  This week I have had it hard with spanners in the works, its time our luck should change.  So going out for eats and coffee really (and I mean REALLY) was such a thrill.  Belles tucked into her favourite treat and I sat and read this fab mag

I think its the first time I've wanted to smile in a week.  I know that isn't encouraging or inspiring from me of late but I can't hide the truth from anyone, I truly do wear my heart on my sleeve.  A total open book.  BUT I do feel the tides are changing a little so expect a lot more up turns than down turns.

And of course, what prettier way to end the day than to pour out some creative juices on a pwitty little number like this?

Lets have a bet on what the weather is doing tomorrow.......... tee hee


Sue said...

Hope you get out with the pooch in the dry.

Lovely card.

Jaki Morris said...

What are you on woman? Everytime I see you you look 10 years younger!
The weather is terrible especially when you have to explain it to foreigners!

Love,love,love the ribbon


Bumblebee said...

Lovely card Kirsty, very Cath Kidston. Don't worry, I'm sure the rain will stop soon, if not maybe you could get Eddie some wellies?!!!!

Kate said...

Weather is good here today. Washing is drying outside and have been to town in sunglasses and no coat (but wearing other clothes obviously!!)

Hope the sun is shining where you are, if not in the sky, then in your heart.

** Kate **

Debo said...

Well, that's definitely a happy card!

Can't believe the Gateway person didn't turn up!! That's appalling!! I hope they re-arrange quickly!

Blimey - just seen something outside in the sky! It's very bright and and it's stopped the rain! Off to Google what it could be....

BattyCrafter said...

Hang on in there, Kirsty, things WILL get better! LOVE the card, so pretty and fresh xx

BattyCrafter said...

Hang on in there, Kirsty, things will get better. LOVE the card, so fresh and pretty! Hugs to you xx

susiesu said...

WOW Kirsty you are looking fab girl. You must have lost more weight? Bloody weather hey. We had really strong gales yesterday with the rain but at least it has been dry today. I have been really, really low this week (think it has been the come down after the build up of my son's wedding last weekend) but know several people have been down this week. Think it is something to do with the planets. Positive thinking everyone - the only way is up now. Your card is lovely and so must get some of that pink ribbon - is it Fantastic Ribbons?? Keep smiling lol Susiesu xxx

Dawn said...

I went to the cinema in my wellies yesterday lol. Sent you an e-mail to can you get back to me soon. Dawn xx

Belinda said...

Loving the Card and the blonder hair too! Wishing for some sunshine tomorrow for both you and your little sausage man!
Bel xx