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31 May 2012

Win Tickets!

The Summer Crafting event is taking place at Doncaster Racecourse in July (14th and 15th) and I have 5 pairs of tickets up for grabs.  I've been to this event before and its fantastic! 
Great parking, roomy and most of all....crafty.  You might even come and join me at the Fantastic Ribbons make and take area which is FREE providing you sign up early enough!  To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets, leave your name in my comments box below.

Talking of Fantastic Ribbons, here is a little something I wizzed up today.  Ive always loved ribbons, they make me so happy.  Keith and Ben are so generous to the DT of which I help run.  Pop over to their blog when you get a minute xx

I also forgot to share this, from Saturday night.  We were all invited to a black tie event but as I was not in the best of spirits, I urged Mark to take his little lady along with him.  She wore her prom outfit again and wore her hair shorter (I lobbed 3 inches off it on Saturday morning in a blind rage to the knots it had got itself into!).  BTW, her dress is up for sale if anyone is interested.  Its a size 4-6 (uk size).  Its supposed to come to a slender girls calves but Ellie wore it as full length (obvs!).  Plus its only sticky-y out-y as there is a petticoat under its not so puffy IRL.  Email me if you are interested.

Its Ellie's last proper week at school and after the half term, she will be only attending lessons in the timetable where she still has exams to sit.  She is struggling with revision at the moment, its TOO much - even my eyes are watering as I go through it with her.  I mean, we are enjoying the time together but chemistry?  Jesus, it's bonkers and nothing that Ellie will benefit from in her life.  When will schools learn that a final exam is too much for kids like Ellie?  Coursework based examinations should be taken into consideration and each child sit a mini test every 6 weeks to make up a final mark at the end of the year.  5 years of a high school's worth is based on the precis of one exam per doesn't make sense to me (in terms of Ellie and her needs and her furture).  If only I was the education minister............

Best thing this week is that Ellie graduated from College with a Level 2 pass in Floristry which is equivalent to a GCSE (and that was for 15 months work!).  So proud of Ellie, more than words can say, really.

Finally.........My top tip for this summers drinks for half term?
Instead of buying a soda stream (costly gas and faffy exchange when its empty), buy your supermarkets own 2 litre brand of carbonated table water (17p in my Sainsburys!).  Then buy a bottle of  soda stream cordial £3.50 (a bargain when there is 50% extra free, too!).  I picked up the diet cola which makes 18 litres of fizz - we just add the fizz to cordial rather than add cordial to an entire bottle of fizz - that way we can add fizz to various cordials as and when (bonus!).  Combine all this which means I will get 9 x 2 litre bottles of soda stream style cola for £5.03.  That's equivalent to 54 cans of coke!  ok, shutting up.

Don't forget to leave your name to be in with a chance of winning tickets!


Sue said...

never heard of this event but would be good to win a ticket and go and spend lots of spondulies on goodies!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card as always;; I think I always try to get ribbon on cards too. Lovely photo of Hubby and his girl! :-D And Congratulations Ellie. Are you going to go on and do Level 3 now? :-) I so agree about exams - some kids like exams and do well, but 2 of my 3 go to pieces when faced with exam conditions.... Assessment over their last two years should make a large % of marks, I think. Good Luck with the exams still to do.
We don't drink cola, but do buy the 'Value' lemonade and add Robinson's squashes to it for flavour - cheaper than Soda Stream! lol.

Sue said...

Loving the card.

Lovely photo of Elles and her dad.

Well done Elle for passing your floristry exam. Good luck with the rest.

I use the carbonated water (buy the shops cheap brand - water is water) and add squash, but your ideal of the cordials is well worth doing.

Jackie said...

Love ribbons!!!!! And what a great drinks idea I'm going to do that!!!!!

Angela Dawes said...

Kirsty I'll vote for you as Education Minister!! I think they need someone with real experience!!
If only you could see how much work I have to do with my 6 yr old - currently going through S.E.N process!! Bonkers!!
Ellie has done so well, I'm sure she has your great artistic talent - more useful than Chemistry!!
Big hugs to you both. xx

Sharon said...

That sounds like a great day out!

Anita said...

Time flies so fast, it's my grandaughter's last day of school today too. Ellie looks so lovely in her prom dress and a gorgeous photo with Dad.
Thanks for the heads up about soda stream cordials, never thought to do that and thanks for the chance to win the tickets. Anita x

Kerry said...

Well done to Ellie for her floristry certificate. It's a useful thing to have.

Definitely considering going to Doncaster again this year. It was a bit naff last year but I'll give it another go :)

Lynn said...

Great idea about the drinks, will have to try it as my two boys go through a lot of fizzy stuff (well they would if I let them). Lovely picture of Ellie and her dad, the dress looks lovely. Did she choose to do GCSE Chemistry? Don't know which HS she attends but at Lowton HS, where my son went until last summer, the less academic students did more practical courses and BTechs rather than GCSEs. Chemistry does seems a bit much for students who are not going to follow this path in higher education.

Lynn x

Barbara said...

Great idea with the Soda Stream, had one of those years ago and loved it but it was expensive to keep running.
Have only ever been to the Hobbycraft Show and the ArtStamp show and would love to try somewhere new!!!

crafty....du said...

Wow would love to go to the lush craft show :) keep up all the good work on your blog love your posts

Have a good week

Kerry xx

Anonymous said...

Well done on the pass of your course Ellie. Presume this is City and guilds so at level two is equiv to a pass above a C grade which is fantastic indeed! Keep it up and maybe the other exams wont be so bad now. Just do your best and dont worry what others can do. it doesnt matter. Exams are only one small part of life and sometimes people manage v differently after their school years. I didnt do my degree til I was over 30 yrs old! Keep smiling and enjoy life and your days of fun and creativity.

Debo said...

What a beautiful photo of mark and Ellie! They both look amazing!

Well done to Ellie for her Floristry achievements! She definitely has inherited her mum's creative skills. As for Chemistry, well, I'm sure it's more important to the school than to Ellie! I hope you can help her to not stress over it too much. Good luck to you.

PS. As I live 'darn Sarf' I wont be able to visit Doncaster, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Am up for these tickets. Been to Doncaster before and its megga. So me me me please

Maz said...

Well done to Ellie with the floristry! I hope you both manage to get through the exam trauma - I hated them and I was lucky that most of my subjects were modular so it was lots of little exams rather than one big one.
M x