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6 May 2012

Whirlwind 48 hours

Its been mental, to say the least.

I got a call out of the blue on Thursday from a recruitment company who found my ancient CV on a database.  The vacancy was for an in-house graphics and photographer slot.  I was taken aback because Im not actively looking for full time work this very second but actually, I really could go with it.  My plan was to wait for Ellie to finish school (at the end of May but certainly by September) and then go back to the world of hardcore office work - one I miss pretty bad on the best of days.  The girl at the recruitment company was ever so convincing, charming and most of all down to earth.  So I said I'd def give it a shot; it just meant bringing my plans forward and juggling a few ongoing jobs.  You all know Im a yes girl. She said she would get back to me.  Then on Friday I got another call asking me if I could attend and interview that afternoon.  I was in a bit of a daze because it happened really really fast.  I mean, if a company wants to see you that urgent, you must have the right credentials?  Or perhaps, in this case......... hmmmmmmm.  After I rubbed my eyes, screamed, shaved my legs and sifted though my "thin" wardrobe (Ive toned up a tad) I got well into the idea and went for the interview.

Its funny because I haven't suited up for the LOOOOOONGEST time.  Working from home usually means jammies or slouchies unless Im photographising, networking or on the telly.  And even then I don't wear a suit.  It was such a hoot getting ready for an interview with four hours notice.  I jabbered on the phone to my Mum with butterflies tickling my tummy and I gave the company a quick once over on the internet in the shortest time I had available (bearing in mind I had a deadline to round off) then off I drove the 14 minute journey to get there.

It was a cracking little place and a job that was right up my alley.  The interview went really well and the fella's that interviewed me were fantastic.  It felt really positive.  I didn't have a lot of questions to ask at this short notice but they were really informative about the position.  I came away feeling really weird because it had happened incredibly fast.  But good weird, you know?.  When I got home, the girl at the agency asked how it went and I just relayed what Ive just typed.  She was hyper and convinced I had a good chance although (and you all know what an "although" means, right?) I was up against a junior whose interview was for today.  Uh-oh - alarm bells.

Aaaaaanyway, I kind of didn't pin my hopes on the idea buuuuut I was excited all the same, you know?  I woke up this morning knowing I'd get a call either way and pottered about the house to kill time.  I went to inspect my seedlings and am very please to report that my Gladiola's this year will be award winning.  The purple carrots, basil and rosemary are coming on a treat and my lettuces are utter perfection so far.  Then I got the call.   And I was informed that I was unsuccessful.  Namely because the position was for the role of a junior.  I mean, that golden nugget of information before the interview would have been extremely useful.  And to say I shaved my legs for the effort, too.  What a waste.

Im putting that bad luck down to my Bic razor.   Next interview I will use Gilette; luckier blades.


Kitty B said...

Agencies are such plebs. They panic supply a bunch of "likely" candidates failing to do a thorough search on their skills and requirements.
How could the agency not know you weren't a junior?
I'd hire you in a snap.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, bad luck and shame on the agency for getting it soooo wrong! To put a positive twist on the experience you could look on it as practice for the real thing later when you planned. You looked perfectly turned out :) Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens - agencies are the worst for it, but when you arrive at an interview and suddenly realise that, actually, they fully intend promoting within the company, but needed to be shown to be 'doing the right thing'..... Baaaaah!!! You were for too good for them anyway! Their loss.
Great news about the veggies and can't wait to see photo's of the 'glads'. :-)

Sue said...

A waste of time, but still experience for you.

Hope something suitable comes along just when you wantg it.

Debo said...

I agree with Elizabeth that it's a practice run and you looked fantastic! Obviously a junior will be much cheaper for the company but how can the agency get it so wrong? There are so many inept people around!
It was obviously not meant to bo - knowing you, something even more perfect will be waiting for you just around the corner!
(well done with your seedlings!)

Shirley Davis said...

Good experience; bad agency! Silly company! Poor you; lucky us!

When the time is right, the job will either materialise OR you will have the confidence to increase the breadth of your self-employment opportunities, Kirsty.

1 - you design brilliantly well
2 - you write VERY well indeed - straight out with it and with humour
3 - don't just look for graphic opportunities - how about journalistic ones too?

All the best with the new life that is around the corner, somewhere!

Dawn said...

Hi Kirsty.

Very good practice but I agree with Debo stupid agency Loving the idea of original purple carrots.

Please e-mail me re the photographic course you say you have been in touch (the journal package arrived) but I have no e-mails from you and I e-mailed you on Friday morning, thought you may have been away for the week end. so get in touch hun Dawn xx

Di said...

Well, firstly you scrub up really well chick :) Secondly, it's their loss and just do what Elizabeth says and look on it as a practice run. It sounds as if the time wasn't 100% right, although almost, for you anyhow so perhaps you've been saved some juggling anyhow.

I do like to play the Pollyanna 'Happy Game' :)

Sheesh, I used one of your 'die cut trophies' from your trading days last week. Took me back a bit!