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25 May 2012

Where has it all gone?

Yeah!  Where's is gone?  My sidebar stuff and all my links?
Well, you see, they were just in the way but they have homes in the page tabs above and lots have been placed at the bottom of this blog page.  Im making lots of changes to the blog to make it more "magazine" like.  I understand that some of my visitors come here for craft, some for photography and some for the crazy life stuff I write.  My aim is to segregate most post in future and place them in the page tabs you see above.
This page will then become an index, the pages for individual posts and general stuff below.

Before I start doing all that, I quickly wanted to share a new business card design I did today for Helen Anderson.  I love this part of my job and it suits the craft industry style (as opposed to clean and sanitary, like most graphic designer-y stuff)

If you need a business card designing or maybe a new logo, you just let me know, ok?!


Clair said...

The new look is great! xxx


Love it Kirsty - gave me some ideas for my own so a kind of copy BUT mine is still def a blog, not a magazine. I am so pleased your working life is taking off - and so varied! A bored Kirsty you never will be!

Helen Anderson said...

Can't tell you how much I LOVE my new business card and logo design!! You have once again exceeded all my expectations and anyone even THINKING of going anywhere else for a design must be NUTS!

Your new look blog is so cool, and very easy to get around, love it :).

Hope Ellie had a fantastic prom, can't wait for pics!

Thanks for everything chick xx