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8 May 2012

Really Fluffy Petticoats continued

Ive had over a dozen emails about the polka dotty skirts featured in yesterdays blog post.  I have a supplier for those but I'm actually thinking of selling them to you at the great price I get them at.  So bear with me until Ive sourced a reliable one (Ive got a choice of 4).  As for the petticoat? My goodness - these are EXPENSIVE.  I did manage to buy mine in a 50% off sale that was online for two days only a while back.  I only wish Id have bought a white at the time one but these three colours I have below are working very well with the polka dot skirts that I have.

The skirt colours come in Yellow and black polka dots, Green with pink polka dots plus Pink with white polka dots (not pictured yet) plus those pictured below.  I will probably retail them at £20 and they will be adjustable between size 10-14.  They will nip in further with a safety pin, but more on that cuteness later.

Red with black polka dots, Aqua and white polka dots and Black with white polka Dots as follows.

Elyse, just being Elyse.  I have so loved watching her grow from the age of 7.

I love the combo of stripes and spots

Applying very red lippy - just for the shoot mind! 

Bobby socks looked super cute


Elyse did a wonderful job showing the skirts/petticoats off and will get to keep the pictures for free.  She is besides herself as they will help with her portfolio for modelling.  Thank you Elyse for showing me how glamorous you can be and most of all, for the laughs and giggles when you kept tripping over your feet in your FLATS!!!

Later yesterday afternoon I went over to my GORGEOUS friend, Jane's, house.  I asked if the girls wanted to dress up for a mini too and they TOTALLY wanted to frilly-on up.  The light was pretty bad when I got there and I had to resort to ISO 1600 (holding my chest as I baulk at such a setting).  They had the time of their lives bouncing on the trampoline and fluffing up the skirts to their full potential but this one stole my heart.  Lady K and Miss C do not often get along (you know, a sisterly thing!) but this one breaks my heart because Miss C actually wanted to take part and believe me, Miss C is a proper little madam and normally has a hissy fit at the drop of a hat (she doesnt know but I love it when she has one, I could love her a million times over during one).  I worked my charm on her.

I had to nip the skirts in at the back but who can tell, hmmmmm?  And don't you love their glasses?!

And that's me done for photos until Friday.  I'm photographing a very special wedding to a lovely girl who is going to get the very best Kirsty treatment ever.  Pray for sunshine, folks - or at least, no rain x


Nancy Wyatt said...

Amazing work, amazing models and skirts!! You rocked it sister! Hugs from Texas

Judi said...

Oh my, you've either got it or you ain't and boy oh boy you and Elyse both have such talent. What a combination - your photography and her modelling. I wish her all the luck in the world in her chosen career. Got everything crossed hoping for good weather at the weekend for you. xx

Jaki Morris said...

Those shots are amazing. I love the one of her in the glasses, she looks like that very posh lady in 10 Years Younger!

As for the sisters? Well, they're great. My two boys often fight but when they play together and have fun, it's great!

Love you and take care

Shirley Davis said...


EmmGee said...

Models and skirts look just great - very 'Alice' if you know what I mean? EmG x

Lizzie said...

Ah, look at these photos! Elyse is a very pretty and lovely model; the skirts and other costume bits looked fab on her and the photos are just lovely.
Cute little girls, Kirsty - their mum will love to have those photos!
The spotty skirts are lush. I know someone on FB who makes "tutu" skirts. She may be able to supply you with a/some petticoats?

More nice photos to sigh over, please?!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo. Love the stripy combinations. Jude.x

Debo said...

Oh, they're all so lovely! (the girls and the photos and the skirts and frills).

Sherrie said...

These are beautiful photos and the skirts are gorgalicious! xx

Sherrie said...
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Sherrie said...
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Dawn said...

I want one in my size lol I love them lots and She is a top model and only 12? my goodness I can imagine hubby would have plenty of locks on the doors if she was our daughter ha ha lovely pics. ;0)xx