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17 May 2012

Networking in real life!

For years I have worked from home and relied on social media for networking - that includes blogging, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I love it!  I mean who would know I do all that kind of business to business in my jammies?  But not today.  I was forced by one of my local clients to finally utilise my millionth invitation to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Women in Business meetings.  Ive only been registered with them since, ahem, 2004.  So I went along thinking "ok, lets see what unfolds" but secretly thinking "I'm like a fish out of bloody water, here.  I'm not even remotely a high flyer with a degree in corporate finance or anything". 


Within 20 minutes of being there, my old confidence arose and I had two prospective clients wanting to take up my design services and one wanting corporate images for their website.  I was completely floored.  One particular company was especially useful to my current needs by way of packaging so today's exercise was punctuated by a "I'll help you and you can help me" scenario.  You gotta love meetings like that.

Plus, I totally frocked up for the occasion but don't ask me how I managed to stay standing on my stilts (high heeled boots) for more than 3 minutes.  My feet were on fire!  I got home feeling energised and emailed all the ladies at my table to thank them for their inspiration.  I'm so glad I went and obviously a little disappointed with myself that I didn't start going from the off set in 2004.

Aaaaanyway, back to blog stuff again! I had the honour of photographing my sweet Elyse on Sunday........for a local modelling agency.  They absolutely love her - can you blame them?  She is a natural!

Finally, I'm leaving you with a pretty little card I knocked up this evening

Got lots to do, so I'll sign off until tomorrow :)

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Jaki Morris said...

Yay, go you wonderwoman

Fabulous shots again, she has a fantastic career ahead of her.

Love the card, so bright and cheery.

Glad you enjoyed yourself networking

take care