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5 May 2012

Aaaaaw, I love my card making, I do

It's about time I did some crafting around here, you reckon?  But, I've been that busy with digital work recently, I've neglected the need to snort my glue and stab my fingers with my scissors.  Oh, how I have missed that creative high.

So after a veeeeeeeeeeeeery exciting afternoon (one that may or may not become clear in the next few days) I allowed myself a whole two hours to tidying up my studio, primp and preen my adhesives in size order (WTF?) and whipping up these babies.  I've had a blast.  And all the while I was playing snippets of The Ellen show online.  I LOVE THAT SHOW.  I wish there was something like it here.  The only downside is that as much as I love her, I just can't fall in line with becoming a vegan.  Blech.  I know the ethical side of me should adhere to a strict regimen of lettuce and chickpeas but my inner carnivore dictates otherwise.  Sorry Ellen.  I loves ya but this girl likes a rich source of iron infused protein.


And who got Mollie Makes this month?  I love that mag, I really do.  Lifestyles mag look so good on the coffee table but there are not enough meaty projects in there for me (and you know I like my meat, right?!).  Well, anyway........I wanted to use the cardboard packaging from the free buttons of this months issue.

And I came up with this:

Just need a friend to send it to.  Hmmmm, thinking..............

PS:  Don't forget to check two posts down for my DSLR UK On Tour Training :)


Bettyann said...

oh darling so glad you are back to gluing...the black and white card calls to delightful...

Anonymous said...

I looooove the black and white card and the way you used the button packaging too. I have a whole box full of "useful" packaging materials that hubby keeps on at me to tidy up! Don't need to now - got ideas for using it! :-) Jude.x

Debo said...

Gluey, inky fingers are always the sign of a good day!!
I've been keeping labels from WhiteStuff clothes - they are so pretty, with cute little buttons on, you can't possibly throw them away! I just need to find some way of using them before I can buy any more clothes!

Jaki Morris said...

Glad to see your card making skills are as wonderful as ever. I get MM every month and I never thought of using the packaging! So thanks for that.

That black and white striped ribbon? NEED IT WANT IT NOW


Bumblebee said...

Black and white card is so classy!!!I also love how you reused the button packaging in that beautiful friends card. Glad to see you getting your craft on!

Sue said...

Fabby cards. I love the colour combinations.

Sue Ramsay said...

Loving the friend card Kirsty,
could do with a friend right now, especially if they made me a card like that one!
Take care
Sue Ramsay