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15 May 2012

Down on the farm

I have never been to a proper riding stables.  Well, not even riding stables..... I mean private horse stables.  They are the absolute best place to take photos, especially if they are of the rustic kind.  On Saturday night, I met up with my friend Nina and her kids to take pics of them hanging out.  Their horse, Pepper got in on a few shots too.

The kids were absolute diamonds and put up with me screaming my head off when I thought I was going to fall in a ditch with £3,000 worth of camera equipment!  All for the rapeseed shoot in light so golden, you could almost wring the air and make jewellery from it.  Elli was a proper little madam and you may congratulate me on my fringe cutting skills.......I did that with a pair of Tim Holtz scissors back at Marion's shop before we trundled down to the farm.  I amaze myself at my hair cutting skills and more often than not, you can see me lobbing off split ends on my Belles hair but mainly they are with the bacon scissors from Ikea!

Before I show the pics, I want to explain something to you in answer to something I get asked a lot.  And that is "Why are some children not smiling in the pictures I take?".  Well, let me tell you that it is more natural to take a picture of a child being thoughtful, pensive or interested in their surroundings.  I mean, how many kids do you know with smiles permanently etched on their faces?  Just because a child does not smile does not mean they are not happy.  I find it hauntingly beautiful to take a photo of a child just "being".   Of course, I do get the ones of them laughing spontaneously but what I really dislike when Im on a shoot is asking a child to smile.  Usually they are forced or are interpreted into huge grins bearing all their teeth.  That is not natural.

So there you go, that is my answer.  It is ok to take a picture of a child lost in thought or just sitting and looking or staring down the lens.  I find more beauty in that than a cheesy grin that isn't truly a smile.

Here is little Elli woo in her well worn Hunters and pretty dress:

I think this is bordering on my favourite photo of all time.  I ran a wash over this which gives it depth and texture.

Sigh, her youth takes my breath away

Just being.  Just standing.  Just a girl.

Elli atop of Pepper, giving hugs and cuddles to

Her natural laughter tickles me after she almost fell down the "Mucking out heap"

And here is Callum, sporting the most amazing curls.  He is so cool!

Like Ellie, his curls make him stand out from the crowd.  A totally unique look.

This little nook at the stables was my favourite, can't you tell?

 Brother and sisterly loves

And the family, shadow form

Im taking bookings again, for photoshoots.
After a few years hiatus and turning down sessions, Im ready to face the cuteness.
You could say that this photographer is back.


Birdie said...

Welcome back - don't know where you've been but glad you're back xxxx

susiesu said...

The photos are fab dabby delish Kirsty. Love them all but especially the last one of the whole family. I know what you mean about 'posed' photos. I am not an expert like you but I am the one who goes round taking the off-guard photos at family events - much more natural than having people all lined up with false grins. lol Susiesu xxx

Candace said...

Such beautiful photos Kirsty

Carole Z said...

Wow Kirsty, these photos are fabulous! Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo's as always, but that black and white one of Elli is gorgeous. Jude.x

Debo said...

I see what you mean about the golden light! Beautiful, as are all the pics! You have a wonderful way of taking photos!

Sue said...

Smashing photos.

Julia said...

Wow! I agree about the lack of smiles too. That shot in the rapseed field is fab! I am inspired to go out tonight and try that!

Fiona said...

Love to see your photography Kirsty.

Jaki Morris said...

I am in awe of your awesomeness

Stunning photos I would love to have you photograph my family!


Lizzie said...

Lovely lovely lovely... those are very gorgeous photos and the children are beautiful! I bet their parents are thrilled!

You're so right about the "not smiling" thing - Keri-Anne has just done a little shoot for a friend and her tiny girl. The little girl is just looking her normal self, doing little small-child things. Not a cheesy grin in sight and the pictures are gorgeous!
Lovely light in those photos and I love the one with the horse & the brother & sister shot.

Anonymous said...

I am Callum and Ellis Nana and Kirsty these photos are stunning and yes I am so so proud of them x x

Lisa-Jane said...

Love love love these shots! When you come down to Southampton will you come and visit me PLEEEEEEASE!? xx

Sam said...

Beautiful Photo's as always Kirsty!

Shazza said...

You always take sucj beautiful photos but I'm always still amazed at how stunning your shots are. I always feel like I know the person in your pics as u seem to capture their personality too. Fabbo photos x x x