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3 May 2012

A few changes and announcements

It has been bedlam on this Mac today.  Ive sat hunched over it for 9 hours that whenI try to stand up after writing this blog, I know I won't be able to straighten my back.  I think I'm going to have to lay flat on the floor to undo the cricks instead of going to bed!  But still, I'm almost done with my website makeover.  I use RapidWeaver to make changes to my website.  It's been a labour of love.  I'm constantly challenging myself with CSS styling and HTML coding.  It sounds like I know what I'm talking about but believe me, I still haven't got the foggiest.  It's trial and error of mammoth proportions.  All that is left is my photo gallery which I believe is going to look the mutts nuts when its done.

So anyway - the dates for my 2012 UK City DSLR training tour have gone live.
Ive added extra dates and cities as per some of your email requests (namely Brighton and Reading).  To make the trips viable, I will need a minimum of 5 people per city so if you are thinking of bagging a space, why not tell your friends/colleagues too?

The dates I have are as follows:
:Aberdeen 24th June:

and you can book them online now, with an early booking saving over HERE

Ive also added a new feature to my website.  Namely Logo Design, Business Card design and Blog Makeovers.

Do pop along if you are looking for any of those in your life.

I've also added some Kraft Tags.
I can't tell you how many people have asked where I get them at such a good price.  Well, I have to buy them in their gazillions to do so.  So Im sharing my findings and savings with you over HERE

Finally I want to share this picture here.  This is Ellie's end of course exam project for her Floristry course.  I knew she was going to create such splendour before she left for college this morning.  But when she walked through the doors, my jaw dropped.

Didn't she do well?


frazzled2day said...

Ellie, your flowers are stunning hunny xx xx

Anonymous said...

well done! hope your exam went well and they are delighted too with your work.

Anonymous said...

That. Is. A. Gorgeous. Arrangement!!!! Ellie really should be doing that professionally. Seriously, everything about that bouquet is perfect. Jude.x

Sue said...

WOW!!! That is just stunning. Well done Ellie.

Helen said...

Wow, those flowers are amazing. Ellie you're a star xx

Shirley Davis said...

A great blog, as always, just better than ever, Kirsty!

But the thing that gladdens my heart most is that smile. Oh bless her - you've all found the one thing that makes this girl tick. All the VERY best to you Ellie - keep on studying hard and your floristry will be a skill for life.

Carolyn Phillips said...

What a gorgeous bouquet. Well done Ellie.

EmmGee said...

What a truly beautiful bouquet with your beautiful girl! Well done Ellie. xx

Laura said...

Talented girl that Ellie!

Anonymous said...

Thats the biggest smile ever seen, and any bride would be proud to carry those flowers.x

Jaki Morris said...


Helen Anderson said...

Well done Ellie, that's a truly stunning bouquet!! Hope your exam went well xx

Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of my beautiful granddaughter. Love you loads my precious Bella x x x

SharonL said...

Ellie, you have an "eye" for colour ... way to go you wonderful girl!
Wonderful photo Kirsty - just so special. xx

Clair said...

Gorgeous flowers Ellie!!

I've booked on the DSLR training...(& I thinks my mum will come along too - I'm just waiting to hear back from her!) Thanks for doing Brighton for me ;O)

See you soon!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx