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29 May 2012

The cutest papers

Im a sucker for papers.
Im usually drawn to the pallette then obviously design.  And these ones are just another pack I didn't really need but had to buy as they have so much potential.

They are called Animal Antics by First Edition papers.  Ive got to say, I have bought a few of their paper packs of late and are worth going halvers with your friends so you dont end up with an entire pack with extra sheets that will never get used (I have a pile of paper packs here in need of a swap session)

Right, Im off to bed, its 5.10am ... my body clock is way out of sync after this weekend.

Adios x


Bettyann said...

lovely I'm just going to bed and its 930pm pacific time girl..what a night owl.

Pol said...

I like the fact that you are going to bed at exactly the same time that my alarm is going off for the monrning - and we're not on other sides of the world, but about 20 miles apart!

Anonymous said...

lovely papers. cant imagine being up all night craftng, hope you will be able to get your sleep pattern back soon. Half a pack is often enough - some packs are too big and the manufactuers should make packs smaller and give better options. Maybe someone will listen halves and more varied packs and sooner or later they might have some more customers!

Sue said...

What smashing papers.

Jaki Morris said...

I'll do a swapsies with ya!


Bumblebee said...

oh wow, so cute!