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30 May 2012

A change of scene

Late this afternoon, I had to drive over to Wrexham to drop some Artwork off at Ellsion/Sizzix.  I love doing projects for Sizzix as I get to use lots of new schtuff that isn't even on the shelves.  As it was nearing rush hour and the fact we were in another country (Wales!), I thought "I know, lets go to Llandudno for tea".  Ellie all but spontaneously combusted with excitement because I used the word adventure - such a fantastic word for kids who still believe in the mystery of it all.  

But as we headed nearer the town, my thoughts turned to the town where I grew up, in Holyhead.  Its just off Anglesey and only 45 minutes past Llandudno.  So, like the crazy wild kids that we are we sped past and made our way on an impromptu adventure.  If it had have been raining, I think we would have just gone to the local chippy and made hey in the drizzle!

First stop was one of my three favourite beaches on Holy Island - Trearddur Bay.  I also got married here; it's always been such a lovely, breezy bay.  Today was no exception.  And best of all, Ellie was smitten

These blue railing were not here back in my day but their vibrancy and pattern was too delicious to overlook

This is us three taking a breather to admire the view.  Eddy LOVES the sea air and beach - his little tail wagged all the while he walked.  But obvs not here, he is stood still.  Lol.

 I then drove over to Holyhead, where I grew up between the age of 11 and 16.  Back then, it was a dead end little town with little industry including an Aluminium processing plant, an electrical components company, a ferry port and Fishing.  The first two have gone now but the town has expanded and has been modernised on the outer reaches including proper, high street shops (something the town lacked when I was a kid).  Road systems have since changed too but the general feel of the town is the same.

I stopped by our old neighbours whom we first met when I was 11.  That was a stonking 30 years ago (could cry at that number of years!).  Luckily they were in and were so LOVELY to Ellie, I and the poochy.  We did a LOT of reminiscing and of course, laughing.  It felt so good to see them and recall the good old days.  

I also took a picture of our old house.  No 5 Coastguard Houses, Prince of Wales Road.  My dad, of course, was a coastguard back then and our house was snug and had AMAZING views. 

See! I mean, SEA!!

We then drove over to Rhoscolyn, to the White Eagle.  This pub has ALWAYS been a fantastic place to eat and drink.  It currently welcomes HRH Prince William and Princess Kate on the odd occasion, although they were not there tonight.  BUT!  They treated Eddy like a prince as they allow dogs into the snug whilst you eat.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!  

They brought him bickies and a bowl of water whilst Ellie and I ate like Queens.  Magic! 

I then drove the kids down to the second best beach on the island.  Rhoscolyn beach is a beautiful bay with gorgeous sand and dunes and rocks to explore.  Ellie LOVED it and Eddy?  Well, he went bananas hunting out new smells and blobs of seaweed.

The path to the beach was dune-ey and rickety fence-ey;  a beautiful opportunity for my camera.

 Ellie took respite on a cemented style.  The light was low which always means her eyes are WIDE open for pictures.  She was so at ease tonight; it was like she needed the break rather much like I did.

Just look at her being so cosy in front of the camera.  We don't often get that!

She even pointed out this abstract section of the sea wall and said "Oh you will love me under this".  And she was right.

On the beach, the boy kept sniffing and then staring inquisitively at his next target in the distance.  We were laughing so hard at his little oddity.  And between sniffage, I clicked away at his reddish fur parts

The rosette on the top of his leg?  My favourite part of his body, next to his silky ears.

 A rats eye view of my gigantor poochy!

 the kids, staring out to sea

 Turning back as we head back to the car, the light so low yet magical

By which point the boy had buggered off, leaving a trail of paw prints, leading into a silhouetted distance

And the last picture of the day with my faithful instagram.  Look how blue and wide open Ellie's eyes are.  Coupled with her ruby red, rosebud lips..........she is a little beauty, no?

We got home at midnight with the kids sleeping all the way and me listening to Mockingjay on Audio.  And here I sit with a cuppa reminiscing about the break that broke the camels back.  Yup, I'm back on form and the misery of the weekend put well behind me.


susiesu said...

WOW Kirsty I can't believe you did so much in such a short space of time. The break and relaxation was obviously just what you and Ellie needed. How fantastic that Ellie spotted the perfect site for a picture of her and the seawall? Your pictures are stunning as usual especially the ones of Ellie and Eddy as well as the blue railings. O and a big fat juicy YES to your question Ellie is very beautiful! So glad you are back to normal lol Susiesu xxx

Sheilagh said...

Ellie is Gorgeous, her photo's are beautiful. So glad you had a great day, I love Angelsey, my Best Friend lives there in Caemes Bay and works in Holyhead.

Your photo's are WONDERFUL,I can't pick out a favourite, I love Ellie's little modelling set. I really do have to do a course with you.

Thanks for the inspiration Kirsty.



Anonymous said...

Great post. Lovely photos.
Tried to go to Anglesey three times... but our car always broke down at Chester Services!! :o Honest! Weird or wot? New(er) car now. Time to try again I think.

Tina said...

The unplanned visits are often the best, glad yu had a great day. I was at Uni in Bangor and spend a lot of time on Anglesey, in REd wharf bay, i loved it. We are going back to snowdonia for a few days in the summer cant wait, beautiful countryside. Beautiful, beautiful photos as always. xx

Bumblebee said...

you look like you had so much fun, the weather was great for your little adventure!!

Lizzie said...

That's what the word "Holiday" really means, isn't it! The photos are fab, Ellie is gorgeousness incarnate - love the blue eyes and rosy lips.. and the fluffy, fuzzy, curly-whirly hair is sooooooo lush!
Eddie is the best little dog - I also love that cute fur rosette.

It sounds as if you had the most wonderful day - and a great break too. So glad it did you both so much good - I admire your determination and perseverance, but I am glad you have been able to take a break when you most needed it.

Great seaside photos - loved seeing the house you lived in - and that View!! How wonderful that your old neighbours were still there, remembered you and were so kind. That's just great. If I went back 30 years, I can guarantee there'd be no-one in the street,that was there when we lived there.

Yes, Ellie is beautiful - inside as well as out. And you don't do so bad yourself!

Have a great rest-of-week; I hope it all goes very well. And enjoy the loooong weekend too!

Laura said...

Glad you are happy again... and how could you not be after a day playing with your camera?! (Great shots!) And when talking of your girls beauty you forgot to mention the hair. The beautiful big curly bouncy hair, gorgeous!

Jaki Morris said...

What a wonderful post.
I am so glad you are back up there. Absolutely stunning photos, I love the blue railings.

Maybe that's what I need to lift my mood, a trip to the seaside, no wait, I live here!

Take care


Sue said...

As always fab photos. I love the one of your poochy's behind:)

Glad you all had such a fab time.

Jen said...

Awww! Fantastic adventure :) I love the blue railings too. And the rickety fence. And gorgeous Belle with open eyes. Lovely!! All you needed was to bump into Will and Kate and it would have been amazing lol!

Ali said...

This is such a fabulous post, brought a smile to my lips and a wee bit of a tear to my eye. It sounds like you had such a wonderful day and your photos are stunning - especially of your gorgeous girl.

It's a beautiful part of the world, isn't it? I grew up in Prestatyn and we often went to Trearddur Bay on holiday. I love it there.

Marie said...

Beautiful as always and a well deserved moment of cheeriness after your hard week. LOLing at Miss Belle and the "you'll love me under that". She knows her Mummy too well ;)


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful evening.... it looks so beautiful there and everyone looks so happy :-)
Welcome back Kirsty!!
love Lisa xx

Glitter Monkey said...

Good on you babe - nothing like a little break with friends and a good bit of eating and walking to put things right. Lynn ♥


Thats where we go was going to suggest that! fab isnt it?
my mum said she had the best fish she has ever eaten in her life!! at 83 thats good......x

Debo said...

Well, I can only echo all of the comments so far! Photos are all beautiful, as is Ellie. Spur of the moment adventures are always best, and what a beautiful part of the world! No wonder it did you good. And you'll always have your pics to remind you of it! Perfect!

Welcome back!

Debo said...

Well, I can only echo all of the comments so far! Photos are all beautiful, as is Ellie. Spur of the moment adventures are always best, and what a beautiful part of the world! No wonder it did you good. And you'll always have your pics to remind you of it! Perfect!

Welcome back!

SharonL said...

Fab, fab, fab post Kirsty - loved the pictures. Thank you for sharing. x

Barbara said...

What a fantastic adventure!!!
It was like reading one of those old photo/story magazines that I was addicted to as a teenager!!! You really do have the knack for telling a story and the photos are amazing. Love the fact that Eddie gets in on the act as my little Bichon Ben goes everywhere with me. Ellie and Eddie are great models and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty, How wonderful, I feel like I've been on a mini break too having been able to share in your 'adventure'.

Beautiful fresh clear shots.

So glad its onwards and upwards for you. x

Di said...

Just fabulous Kirsty. A tear in my eye and a smile on my lips too as someone else has said. Brilliant photos, love Eddie's rosette, all photos are absolutely amazing. Did you know, you should run some photography classes - lol!

So glad you feel better honey! Big hug, Di xx

Julia said...

Yay! Well done for heading on to Anglesey! We spent a beautiful afternoon on Rhoscolyn beach a couple of years ago. You've reminded me we need to go back... Beautiful shots as always x