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13 May 2012

A beautiful day

Essex has been battered with rain for a solid 4 weeks.  Imagine our delight when the sun made an appearance JUST for Jenny and Colin's wedding on Friday.  Everyone was chuffed to bits with the change in the cloud formation - it was quite the occasion, if not for the ceremony itself.

I just want to say a big hello to Jenny and Colin who are itching to see these samples from the day, no doubt looking at them with a cocktail in hand - all the way in Bali! I loved your beautiful day, you two are such very special people.

My day started at 8am with a pre-wedding shoot with the bridesmaids getting ready.  The house was alive with excitement - I think I enjoy this part of the day the most.  Here is Jenny, being spray painted!

This was the view from the cottage window - love that wedding sign

The dress hung from a traditional latched door way.  the dress was an ivory pink colour, so delicate and pretty

And the lace and floral embellishment up close

Must not forget the shoes

And the underside....... genius use of "something blue..........."

Anya being all grown up and fastening her own shoes

The bride showing off her beautiful posy

Pretty maidens all in a row

The outtakes were so much fun

The best man being very careful with those all important rings

The ceremony was a very happy occasion as the hymms were not hymms to be precise, they were songs of worship and oh-so jolly. I do find that some hymms are quite sombre.  The church was packed to the rafters with freinds and family alike and during photos (from the back of the church) one of the congregation passed out.  It was all so crazy and fast and serious.  I ran to my faithful wedding trolley in the vestry for water and chocolate to help revive the poor fellow.  Jenny and Colin were none the wiser, thankfully but I was mortified that I might have missed the exchange of rings.  So I rang like billy-o down the aisle, grabbed by wide angle lens rather sharpish on the go.  I fixed the right settings on the run (and when you shoot in manual with no metering, its quite a skill!), hoyked by leg over the prayer railings and snapped the photos with 0.00001 seconds to spare.  I was EXHAUSTED and relieved all in one breath.  When I say I usually cry at weddings from the happiness flowing from the occasion, I think I actually wept with relief!

After the ceremony, everyone piled outside the beautiful church and made their way onto the Venue at Blake Hall.  Its a stunning setting with a million different backdrops for photos.This is my pick of the intimate shots from the day.........

Isn't Jenny the most prettiest girl in the world?

Having a breather from the gazillion photos

One of many kisses during the day

Pretty as a picture

Yes!  I think it really is love

Love indeed..........

Like I say, Jenny and Colin are now in Bali and deservedly so - their wedding was utter perfection and utter perfection takes some doing!

Thank you for asking me to be your photographer, it was an absolute privilege.

I choose only to shoot just one wedding a year; I wonder whose I'll be doing in 2013?


chris paul said...

Wow! what gorgeous photographs
the bride&groom will love them
you should be so proud of your
skill with a camera
chris x

Kitty B said...

I've been waiting so patiently (!!) to see these. I couldn't sleep, so I switched on my iPhone and tuned in. But I couldn't see the images so well so I went downstairs, switched on my computer JUST to see these pictures in full.
What a sight for sore eyes!
You NEVER fail to deliver, Kirsty. I only wish I could rewind 19 years and have somebody like you to have taken our photos. So maybe now Im thinking of getting married again. Laugh out loud in my jammies.
Wistfully wandering back to bed........

Sally-Jo said...

Tempted to consider marriage, after just seeing these photos xx

susiesu said...

Thanks for sharing these photos with us Kirsty they are absolutely fabulous and perfectly capture a perfect day. Take some time out this week just for you takecare lol Susiesu xxx

Jenny said...

We nearly missed our first breakfast in Bali when we saw you had put some photos up! Thanks so much for sharing these Kirsty - we love them - as I knew we would! You were brilliant and I'm so excited to see the rest they are perfect! Hope you got home ok, Jenny xx

Maz said...

You'll be doing my Brother in laws wedding! Yippee, I must show them these pics, they'll love them. x

Maz said...

You'll be doing my Brother in laws wedding! Yippee, I must show them these pics, they'll love them. x

Sheilagh said...

Beautiful, natural, happy photo's. You did a great job Kirsty. ~You multi talented lady you!!

Sheilagh said...

Beautiful, natural happy photos, you did an excellent job there Kirsty.
You multi talented lady you!!

Helen said...

Wonderful photos, what an occasion. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful,photos!! What a joyous start to the day!!
Nina B xxx

Anonymous said...

What amazing photos, you captured the moment. Everyone looks gorgeous but im biased as most of them are family. What a fantastic day, and you worked so hard getting the perfect photos.

Jaki Morris said...

Stunning, simply stunning.

I can say no more


Sue said...

WOW!!! Stunning photos and a lovely bride.

So glad the weather was kind.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photographs. Whoever it is in 2013 is in for a treat. Along similar lines to Kitty B who commented above - when I got married my photos were all carefully staged, and although (I think) beautiful photos, are very boring compared to these. :-)

Debo said...

Your photos have taken my breath away! What a beautiful bride/dress/bridesmaids/setting etc etc!!
Isnt it a Leap year? I think I'll ask my husband to marry me again!
(Love the pic of the bridesmaid doing up her shoe! Wouldn't it make a beautiful wedding card?)

Well done Kirsty - you are SO talented!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful does Jen look in these photos! You have captured the day perfectl - I know where I am coming for photos when I get married!


Anonymous said...

Amazing Kirsty, I love them all but the black/white one is my favourite! x

Judi said...

Well Kirsty, they are simply beautiful, as we knew they would be. You are one talented lady!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photography Kirsty you are very talented. Well done you! xxx

Barbara said...

What gorgeous photos Kirsty, they are so different from the normal wedding pictures you see. You should be feeling very proud!!!

Helen Anderson said...

Oooh breathtaking photos Kirsty, you clever lady! The Bride & Groom will be blown away I'm sure.

Utterly scrumptious!

Hels xx