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19 May 2012

App Attack

I love Apple Apps.  I'm a bit of a collector, if truthful.  I have my precious Angry Birds almost sporting 3 stars on every board.  I love Draw Something and my longest streak is 63.  And I couldn't possible live without IMDb.  But the apps I covet the most are Instagram, PS express and my new fave in Be funky - which was free.

My photos are pretty random and usually involve the dog, my feet or food. Its not intentional, its just what happens when I'm out and about.  Here are a few of my fave instagram moments of late, Starting with Be Funky (it has a kajillion differnt filters to jazz up your photos)

The cross processing filter is lush

I love these leggings so much, I wear them lots

Is there any other way to eat hula hoops?

Me and poochy, before lights out

Jubilee time - Marmite has rebranded for a short while

And so has Kingsmill bread

We love Converse in our house

Wrapped up like winter for a poochy walk in MAY!

Then snuggled on the sofa with our feet up

I have a fixation with neatly presented loo roll

I love this little boy

Hmmm, meatballs

Ellie loves a bowl of spaghetti hoops - all the more prettier in these bowls

I got my hunter wellies at 30% off.  They are far too pristine here but now, after innumerable poochy walks, they are proper muddied up

Coffee with a client this week

And lastly.
Pulls sad face.
My first ever grey hair.

I guess this is the super quick way of scrapbooking.  If you are on instagram, let me know and I'll follow you!  You can find me under kirsty_wiseman.

Gotta get a good nights sleep, I'm teaching one-to-one photography to a girl travelling all the way from London.  Must ply each other with Coffee!!!


Vera said...

Following you now! @verabear

Pol said...

I tried Be Funky, but wasn't that taken with it - the filters are very similar to the ones my phone has already. However I am totally in love with instagram - I spent the last year waiting for it to arrive on droid. I'd ask for a follow - but you're already following me!

Laura said...

I sandwiched my first grey hair between two bits of selotape with the intention of scrapbooking it! How sad?!
Some fab photos you've got there Kirsty, as always!

Jaki Morris said...

enjoy your one to one.
Maybe when my contract runs out, I'll get a fancy phone and start with instagram!

Take care


Debo said...

At least your grey hair is straight - my 'normal' hair is quite straight but my grey, no lets be honest, WHITE hairs are frizzy. I am going to look like a mad old witch when all my colour has gone!

(lovely pics, as always! You and Eddy with your feet up really made me laugh!)

Julia said...

Love Instagram - I am Julesaroony :)