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14 Apr 2012

Zoo'd out

Our safari trip today was most spectacular. There are photos to accompany the story in full but the best bit about the day was when Belles exclaimed that it was the best day ever. She never says things like that. It was worth sitting in a hot car for an HOUR, in the Lion enclosure (and not being allowed to wind the window down, thus baking us half to death) just to hear her say that. Oh and the Baboon enclosure? We watched, from a safe distance, scores of cars having their aerials/windscreen wipers/rubber seals either snapped/broken/ripped/peeled off. We've been there before at Longleat so knew to avoid this like the plague. It was really, really funny.

I can't leave with a few pictures, so I thought I'd share some "work in Progress" logos I've been working on. I enjoy this aspect of my work routine as its all-so meaty to be able to conjure up a logo on the slightest description.

It is amazing how many cake making businesses are starting up. I've done several business cards/logos/blog headers recently. I hope that because I've been asked to create artwork that I get to sample their wares. I mean, its only fair, right? Anyhow, if you are after something bespoke, take a look HERE

Don't forget, if you're a DSLR owner and want to take part in my UK DSLR training tour, catch up with the goss in the post below :)


Bettyann said...

sounds like a few cars went limping home from the zoo lol....lovely work in progress logos...lickable delish..

Sue said...

So glad you had such a fab time.

shazza said...

Omg how fabulous is that!! I love it. Knew youd be fabulous!!! X x x

Anonymous said...

went to a craft fayre today where the individual cupcakes were selling for £3.50 each!!! not even in a handmade box or any box - just a paper bag! handmade cards with ready made topper type bits [ no skill crafting ready made stick on stuff!] on them for £6.50+ and people were buying it. We just looked on in a kinda embarassed daze- we must be mistaken re a recession!!! Your cupcake picture just reminded me of the crazy time!

Daisy Bee Crafts said...

Ooh Kirsty, we are beyond thrilled that you came up with such a fabby logo for our new business! Business cards have now been ordered and our blog has been transformed. Thank you chickadee. Recommendations to come to you for logo design have been made once again today :). Lotsa love, Hels xx