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18 Apr 2012

we all love a giveaway/competition - right?

Ive got two contests for you to feast your crafty eyes on. Actually, make that THREE!

First of all, my good friends at Tonic Studios are promoting their Facebook site. For every 1000 likes they get (capped at 5000) they will enter all the followers into a draw to win £100 worth of Tonic prizes. If you don't follow them now and you need a link - check it out here! Remember to share the post on your facebook wall to spread the word.

But wait! That is NOT all from Tonic Studios. There is a competition to win 5 border punches of your choice currently running on the page, too. If you click the link HERE and share it on your facebook page as well, you are in for the running.

I can't stress enough or encourage you gently (which is nicer?!) to enter these draws. The amount of people who say "I never win anything" will only win nothing if they never enter these things. SO GO AND DO IT!!! If you are like many of my friends who refuse to be a part of facebook because of privacy issues, why not set up an alias/undercover page just to enter all these facebook giveaways? Go on!!!!

And lastly? Oh man, this is another fab competition from Fantastic Ribbons. How about YOU designing your own WASHI TAPE? You hear that? YOU!!!! Find out all the goss and details HERE.

And that's me done, I'm still worn out from yesterday. Your comments and emails and links you sent has been wonderful - thank you (except for my frequent anonymous blog commenter who needs to get a grip). Good thing today is that we are under Social services radar for a social worker to take on Ellies case. Mark initially thought that having a social worker meant we were bad parents. NO WAY MAN. Social workers do good things for good people as well as good things for bad people (just in case you thought we were nutters!)


Sue said...

Really hope Social Worker does help you and get's Ellie all she needs.

Tina said...

why do people still think Social workers are only there if you are bad, wrong, they are there to help , once you have got one lolxx so pleased for you Kirsty

Helen said...

I really hope you get the help you need. You're a wonderful mum, Ellie's very lucky to have you on her side. As for the giveaways I say 'Get entering' I won your fabulous giveaway last month and have won some rubber stamps since. I love this blogging lark xx

Shirley Davis said...

Thanks for the comp links!

I am mid-fifties, have MS, ergo have a social worker which has enabled my mobility, independent living through having a PA.

Consider discussing Direct Payment to enable Belle's independent living - definitely worth your while, Kirsty, as you need some time too.

Shirley Davis said...

So sorry - Ellie Not Belle - I get confused.

Anonymous said...

hope you dont think that suggestions are rude but have you ever heard of or used the site
It is syndromes without a name. No idea if your daughter even has a syndrome and so sorry if it is wrong - possibly should keep quiet so dont get the blame for things I have in no way implied or attempted to cause hurt. please just ignore ideas of dla used for a chair - which could help, a charity to provide funding - there are loads available and now for families who need support. maybe you are involved or maybe not. if not dont worry just ignore it as stupid and useless support. practical ideas are meant to be taken up or ignored and its your own opinions and approaches which are your own choices to make for your daughter who is now a young adult and can be guided towards a new start asap. we hope so.

Di said...

Well 'anonymous' just above me here - if this isn't badly veiled snide wording I don't know what is. I think that Kirsty could do without you jumping in and putting your own pretty unpleasant two-pennorth in without even being brave enough to even say who you are, including on the previous posting. Why not just go away and mind your own business.


susiesu said...

Well said Di! Such a pity that Kirsty cannot block her anon blogger!! Thanks for the competition links - shall have a go. lol Susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

.....and breath.... and (((hugs))) Fingers crossed the Social Worker can and will help. Great giveaways. :-D Jude.x

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Kirsty I do hope you and Belles get help soon.