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17 Apr 2012

Want to win something AMEZZIN?

Of course you do, we all like fab and amezzin things.

Coming this Wednesday is a chance for you to design a roll of washi tape. YES! Your name in lights and on every stonking, great pieces of artwork in the uk craft world.

Don't worry if you can't draw because I can interpret it for you. I, myself, am designing 24 rolls already and soon, I can tell you all about this abundance of beautiful tape that is the trend of the moment (and for years to come).

This on top of planning a trip to Gay Paree, with my friend Emma in November. Well, it's just too much for me to handle. MontMartre is my fave part of the city (avoiding the slutty Moulin Rouge - too rude for me). I am going to ram my face with creme brulee, tart au citron and pan au chocolat washed down with (not) French Wine. I'm sorry but french white is god awful. I prefer New Zealand Sauv Blanc, as educated to me by my friend Louise, in Chepstow. Although, you know, i could partake in the champagne because when in France, you just do - yeah?

Before I go, I gotta add a picture. Here is one of my faves from our Zoo trip last Friday.

Belles and I had a blast. So much so that we are thinking of buying a year pass for Knowsley Safari Park. Whats worse is that we have lived here almost 9 years and we never knew how close it was. I could have watched the baboons ripping windscreen wipers off everyone's car ALL DAY LONG! tee hee.

Gotta go, its been one hell of a day.


susiesu said...

Peacock is absolutely stunning. only you could have captured this so briliantly! I am so envious of you going off to Gay Paree! It is on my dream list and where I want to go to is Montmartre - the Artist Quarter. Cannot wait to hear more about the Washi tape competition. lol Susiesu xxx

Julie Kearney said...

Well done on designing the tape, if only I knew what it was!!! Haven't been to Knowsley since I was a little girl but did have a lovely day out at Chester zoo last year x x x

Candace said...

Stunning photograph Kirsty

Bettyann said...

beautiful picture...amazing...would love to design washi tape....

Jaki Morris said...

I still don't know what washi tape is and if I need it!
Maybe I could design one with washing machines on it as I think of them every time I read Washi Tape!

Paree? I spent a wonderful 34 hours there with my sister a few years ago. We were like something from a Monty Python film rushing through the city trying to see everything before I had to leave!
Take care

Debo said...

Ooooo! I love washi tape! Can't wait for more info on this...

We honeymooned in Paris and i have been back a couple of times since - but I NEED to go again! Have you been to the Orangerie to see Monet's Water lilies? I would go EVERY time if I could! Followed by a coffee or beer in an open-air cafe in the Tuilleries! Aaah, I can see it now!

Ps. I'm with you on the wine! NZ Sauvignon blanc, preferably from Marlborough region! Or champagne! Aren't we easy to please!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

Sounds like you and Belles had a wonderful time and what a stunning photo (obviously!!!) I tell you I can't keep up with you - you have soooooo much going on - how do you do it all women.....

Take care and catch up soon.

Big hugs

PS Did I tell you that I'm having so much fun with my new skills ;-)