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5 Apr 2012

Out of my comfort zone

It's true, I have a passionate hatred for a colour that reminds me of a bruise. But when you have a number of inks in this colour, use them you must. And I actually like how this came together.

This tag is to accompany a little parcel I'm sending out tomorrow. I think the crafting Mojo has come back and it needed to. Ive got the finishing touches to apply to my class layout for the Scrapstars event in Leeds at the end of this month. Hooray for Mojoville.

Ive also got bum-acheitis this week. Ive totalled 12 miles of walking the dog and 2.5 miles of running since Friday. With summer coming up, I need to shape up for putting my legs on display. On the walks Ive been wearing my Reebok shape-up trainers which I have to say really do make a difference. My hams are on fire! Ive also cut out foods with bleached flours (ie white flour) which has helped settle my gut which has a habit of flaring. And I also think Ive managed an entire crop of apples and strawberries this week. Its all good in this little temple of mine!

Just hoping I can swerve around the Easter eggs this weekend!

PS: Do consider reading the post below, you might be glad that you did x

Kirsty x
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Jaki Morris said...

I love purple! My sister's favourite colours are purple and green, very regal like a Roman Goddess!

I really need to get some exercise, I'll just make my banoffee pie first and then I'll go
Have a great day

susiesu said...

Well done you clocking up all that exercise this week. I love purple especially with turquoise. What do you do with your tag art? Do you display them or what? Jaki I have picked up a copy of a banoffee cake with fudge topping from Tesco this week - hoping to make it tomorrow for visitors over the weekend I wont be tempted!!! hee hee!!! lol Susiesu xxx

Nicki said...

I love the tag:0)