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1 Apr 2012

Not feeling it **and GIVEAWAY**

This week, on the craft front, I'm just not feeling it at all. Maybe the outburst of glorious sunshine put paid to the mojo or the fact that Mark was away with work, in Franc. Hummmmm, unsure. Suffice to say the mojo came back at 2am this morning and no, it isn't an April Fool's. Or at least I hope it's not.

This is for a sweet friend of mine who has just admitted to hospital.
I'm going to see her today and take this along with me. As you are not allowed to take flowers anymore (I was told its because it can harbor C-Diff germs....and that was from a nurse.....baulk!), I'm going to take her some crochet to do. I don't think she knows how to do it but I'll pop my "how to" book in with it. Hospitals are not the most entertaining of places, are they? I could take the obligatory grapes but I'll end up eating them or "pa-doyng" them across the ward, using patients open mouths as target practice. Gotta keep the troops entertained, no?

Anyhooo, hopefully my mojo will be in full swing next week as I have a list as long as my arm of things to do........on top of wallpapering the kitchen tomorrow, too!

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Kirsty x
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Bettyann said...

sorry to hear your friend is unwell..didn't know that about flowers...maybe your mojo is just taking a rest lol..have a great week.

twinkletoe said...

Sorry about your friend - hope she soon gets home. I can just imagine you pa-doyning the grapes across the ward!!

Anonymous said...

flowers have many dangers in a hospital ward. 1] they need water and the vase.
Water can spill and nurses are paid to care and use skills to help people get better not clean up water spilled over when knicked by the rapid pulling of curtains etc
2] nurses are nurses not someone in the corner shop or flower stall and used to have to arrnage them and on a busy ward when there are 30 patients with 2 visitors per bed all bringing flowers at some point in the week they feel more like they work in the little florists rather than highly trained professionals with degrees and competency to practice in a high tech world of patient care! If you were waiting for your chemo or some morphine to be injected would you have been happy with "oh sorry you had to wait an hour - its visiting time& I was in the sluice arrnaging twenty vases of carnations?" rest assured it used to happen!!
3] patients can be and are often rude and as soon as they are allowed to go home they give no consideration for others - they pack their dirty washing and cards and the flowers sit stinking in grimey water and the next people bring more flowers and the old ones sit in the corner and who has the time to sort out the stinking water and messy petals etc?
So if any of you think it is silly give a thought that nurses are not mere flower arrangers and have better things to do. Yes the water grows bugs and if you want c diff when having your chemo or other treatments good luck to you all.
If you want staph and strep and goodness knows what else in your wounds carry on and have smelly water and flies and bugs next to you in your bed!
A complex skill like crochet will be a challenge when ill, esp in pain , short of breath or recovering from the effects of some surgical procedure. hope your friend can cope with it all and stays free from germs and gets good skilled care before returning home. Flowers are a luxury for when she is home again.

Anonymous said...

ps the water is a dnager near electricity too - electricty for beds, monitors, pumps for drugs and fluids etc etc...which would you rather have ? the risk of this danger or the equipment? know which the nurses would rather use and its not a vase and water in the sluice hour upon hour of visitors who bring in even more infections and dont wash their hands as they are immune from germs hahahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear bout your friend Kirsty. Hope she's better soon; great idea about the crocheting though. Wish I'd had a friend like you when I was in hospital - it took 3 days to get some moisturiser! LOL
Anon! Yet again? I have NEVER seen a nurse deal with flowers - always been the "auxillary" or "nursing assistant" who got a vase and the visitor arranged them, cleaned the water, etc. And if you think a no flower rule is going to cure germs in hospital you really ARE living in cloud cuckoo land. But then we all know you are, aren't you?

Maz said...

I'm sure your friend will love the card and crochet. If its the friend I'm thinking of then I'm pretty sure crochet will not be too taxing!

Sue said...

Your friend will love the card and crochet. Hope she's back home soon.

Anonymous said...

Pa-doyning grapes across the floor! What would Anon. have to say about the health and safety implications of that, lmao!

Hope your friend has a speedy recovery,


susiesu said...

Sorry to hear about your friend Kirsty - hope she is better soon. She will love the tag and the crochet - hope your mojo returns this week and you have another go at crochet? Just realised your mojo was hiding under the compost for your seedlings!! Well said Jude - 'anon' is def in cloud cuckoo land!! Have a crafty week lol Susiesu xxx

Jaki Morris said...

My God I simply love first anonymous's post! When do they have time to get out when they must spend so long trawling blogs and spreading such bunkam?
I would so love to meet this person in the real world, but wait they don't live there, do they?

Love, love love the tag Kirsty.
I'm not going into hospital at the moment but it would cheer me up if I were!
Anonymous, I love you!