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24 Apr 2012


Dear Blogging schedule for April
You suck.
But you are about to be shocked with a blog post this evening, so shove that in your binary code and eat it!
Kirsty X


Julia said...

Ha ha! love it! Looking forward to the post :) (and while you're at it can you update my blog too ;-p

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

You have a schedule? Very pro. :) Looking forward to the post. If it doesn´t get eaten. :D

susiesu said...

Have I missed something???? lol Susiesu xxx

Tracey said...

Fabulous page honey, loving the tags and the Kraft colour, well done on the two miles, that thought fills me with horror, I just about survived day one of week three, so not looking forward to day two and darent even glance at what week four entails, all I can say is, only Rammstein on my iphone can kick arse enough to motivate me, an wait to see more of your fabby pages ( please dont go Mr Mojo xxx)

Tracey said...

note - 'an' should have read 'can't' lol, obviously all this running is clearly emptying my head of those few little brain cells xxx