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25 Apr 2012

Loving my Pogo

Approximately 2 years ago, I was asked to trial a Pogo machine for one of the magazines that I used to write for.  And then I put the machine away because I found the picture quality pretty pants.  More recently, I have seen people using them for their smash books and thought Id drag it out again, to see if it had magically got better whilst hiding in one of my cubby holes.  Alas, the quality is still pretty pants but the convenience is rather too delicious, so I printed out several images in readiness for tackling my over excitable mojoness.

So after:
  •  running 2 miles tonight (yes, I'm back on it!) 
  •  scoffing BRITISH strawberries (thank god they are back in season - you just can't beat them and  the scent?  Why do British strawbs taste like heaven?)
  • watching my favourite TV prog; Touch
I grabbed my glue and little bits and bats and fashioned this sweet layout

And the little featured cut from Websters pages papers

And my novel formulation of the year 2010

By jove, readers, I think this mojo came back with some kick-assness (rather, kicking me up to rear end!)


Anonymous said...

I applaud that you came back with such vengeance! Welcome home, Mojo. Can you send your sister to my house, please?

Sue said...

Fab LO.

Helen said...

I love your layout. Have to say Touch is one of my favourites too xx

Jaki Morris said...

That layout is stunning. I really need to put more effort or just more stuff into my work! I'm of the less is more school but yours are so divine.



Carolyn Phillips said...

Gorgeous LO. I have to ask though, what is a pogo?

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous LO. Jude.x

Marie said...

Is it me, or have you suddenly come over all 8.5x11? ;)

Gorgeous layout hun. Very touchy-feely looking. I love pages with lubbly texture.


Birdie said...

When I started to read your message I had visions of you on a pogo stick!!! boing-ing up and down trying to catch your mojo.. lol Great layout though, love the story it tells xxx


Julia said...

Me too Birdie - my first thought was that fab 60's toy! Lovely page Kirsty :)

susiesu said...

Me too Birdie - I had visions of Kirsty bonging up and down on a pogo-stick!!! Well done on the running and just love the layout. Mine are so basic when I see yours. I must start adding more. Also love the way you have shown the year. Welcome home Mr Mojo. lol Susiesu xxx

Debo said...

I'm another who automatically thought pogo stick!

Showing our age? Or un-uptodate with technology-ness? Or both? Sorry girls! (Still think 60's pogoing sounds more fun! Could it be integrated in your fab fitness routine!)