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11 Apr 2012

A little bit of everything

First of all? We're back home.


Have just spent 5 fantastic days in North Wales doing lots of walking and resting, in between. Family time is precious to me and on the Llyn peninsula, we spent it wisely. Ellie came with us last minute (she was going to go to my mums at first) so that was an added bonus. This was our view for those cosy 5 days, taken with my iPhone. Note iPhone. I didn't take any fancy camera equipment with me because I totes needed a break from craft, photog, digital design.... the lot. And I got it.
And I'm chuffed to blog that I walked 10 miles whilst there, taking my total (since 29th March) to 29 miles. Oooh my backside is aching, I can tell you.

This leads me up to the latest on my Macchu Piccu walk. I'm not sure if you know but last month there was a little set back by way of the Peruvian government putting a ban on British naval ships docking in any of its ports. This was due to a flare up of instability between the UK and Argentina, over the Falklands Isles. I rang the British Consulate to find out whether I should hold back. Whilst they didn't exactly say yes or no in a formal manner, I got the impression to take precautions. In light of this, I'm not going to go until Autumn which gives me more walking planning and raise my sponsor levels. I'm gathering lots of prizes (from my fave crafty contacts) to give to won lucky winner from the list of people who sponsor me HERE. I will keep you updated on that as it happens.

DSLR Training in a town near YOU
Due to incessant demand over the winter period, I'm going on tour again. The success of last years tour has got me in the traveling mood again. Ive got several cities in mind but need to gauge demand in those towns first before I announce dates (mainly throughout June, July and August and namely avoiding London due to the Olympics and Jubilee!). So if you have a DSLR and want to learn how to use it effectively without referring to the (lets face it BORING) manual, I can teach you all the best and most important bits in a days group session. READ HERE for a full breakdown and a list of towns I'm visiting. In the meantime, if you are interested, please help me with this survey here:

Last week I set a sketch to a live crop (the sketch is a few posts down from here). I still haven't finished it but I am pleased with the progress I am making with it. It just needs a photo, a title and journaling ...............and whatever else I can cram on there.
I think Its my fave layout in a long time. Its nothing flashy and wreaks of scrapping style circa 2008 but you know what? I'm just going where my mojo takes me, you know?

And finally, me little love buckets. I have some very swish jewels to share with you. All crafted by my own fair hands. I've got a shop who wants to buy them under my teeny, tiny sub-trade name of Neck, Bedeck. Ive quite fancied a trade name with a comma in it; it sounds so.....erm? So....... comma-ishy?

But I'm not doing it full time. Just a few pieces here and there. Besides, Ive too much love for patterned paper and pixels to be taking on that malarky.

Aaaaaaanyway. Oh! I seem to have come to the end of my blog post. I'm sure I had squillions of things to say. Maybe tomorrow night.


Carolyn Phillips said...

Nice necklaces and I love the commaish name.

Lisa said...

Beautiful neckalces Kirsty...
Any chance of a photography course in the Hertfordshire area?
Lisa x

Shirley Davis said...

Oh Kirsty, whay have one life when you can pack ten in at a time? You are a busy creative lady and I am pleased to read you've had some time off. Even if it was spent walking! Wish I could ...

Birdie said...

Love the necklaces Kirstie (spech the first one!!) When I get round to buying a DSLR I will defo be contacting you lol !! Glad you're fully chillaxed, you've been missed on 'the refuge' and the screen xxxxx

Peggy said...

Don't know how you fit it all in Kirsty.I love the necklaces almost as much as the name. Just!! Dee x

louise robertson said...

hello kirsty, loving your blog !! i have a digital camera and would love a photography course in birmingham city center :)

Lisa-Jane said...

GORGEOUS neckware luvvie. I'd be interested in the Southampton course depending on dates and times etc xx