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27 Apr 2012

Layout 3 this week

I put the finishing touches to this layout, tonight.  After a loooong day with my friend Jane, it was a great way to wind down.

I haven't spent time with Jane for ages and we always, ALWAYS have such a laugh.  She brought over some delicacies for me to try including Quinoa and spiced butternut parcels.  As I like to really trough on a Thursday (my only pig out day), I totally went for it.  The table was laden with stuff that only a heart attack can thrive on and so we dug in.

I was expecting to do many random oddments with Jane during the afternoon - you know, sort this bit of craft stuff out here and show her other things, there.  But we got a call from school to come and collect Ellie.  The reason really needn't be broadcast so explicitly in public but lets just say that the poor kid was in turmoil over a mother/daughter incident this morning.  Not only was she all cut up about it but I was also completely thrown by the way it affected her.  My beautiful, sensitive daughter is oh-so-precious; I can't help but constantly fret for her.  My heart is still lurching over it and my eyes are welling up now, some 12 hours after the debacle.  After a cuddle and a gentle talk, the matter was sorted no sooner than she had the time to slip into her jammies.
Will I ever stop feeling like this?   
Please don't tell me to pull up my big girl pants; remember, this kid doesn't function like your everyday 16 year old :(

Supplies were sorted and shared with Jane.  We discussed our future plans, the kids, life.  Its so natural to talk to Jane as we are alike.  We're both Mothers to children with extra needs, both hurting for them immeasurably.  Plus I'll never EVER forget Paris 2006.  I laughed so hard for 3 days that I thought I might die from it.  I think I still hurt, 6 years after the event.  We really have gone through all the emotions a friendship endures and days/weeks/months can go by without and contact and yet when we do manage a chat, it's like it had been yesterday since we last communicated.  I love that style of friendship.

Both Ellie and I are nipping to her house tomorrow for a sleepover - we are like 5 year olds over prospect.  I may even indulge in a glass of wine, my first since February.
Rock and Roll.


Bettyann said...

have fun with your friends...they sound like the best !!!

susiesu said...

Love your layout and photo of Ellie. How exciting having a sleepover (don't forget the midnight feast) Have a great weekend lol Susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

another page for your little girls memory book album I guess? Sure she will love to look at it and whatever you write about it too esp when she is older and can discuss the info with her family and loved ones. Sorry she was so uspet but whatever our age life and relationships happen no matter how much we understand or otherwise. Hope you are OK over it all now. Enjoy being with your friends and if your daughter is going too hope she can enjoy being with adult company and adult conversation which she will soon enjoy herself with her own peers. The age gap shortens doesnt it as we grow up! :)

Tina said...

lovely to have a friend who really understands what you go throuh every day. Have fun.xx

Jaki Morris said...

They are the best sort of friends, aren't they?
I would love to meet Ellie one day as she sounds like one in a gajillion, just like her mum

Take care and enjoy your sleepover. I'm taking my son and his friend to Westfields in London on Saturday, wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Love this LO. Have great fun on the sleepover! :-D And sod the diet -drink wine and eat chocolate..... lol Jude.x

Judi said...

The answer is no you will never stop feeling like that, however old they are they will always be our children and we will always feel the need to protect them and we will always feel their hurt. My boys are 25 and 30 and I still hurt when they hurt and I still want to protect them.

So glad you had a good day anyway, hope you and Ellie have a great sleepover, sounds like fun. love the L/O too xx

Debo said...

I REALLY love this layout! Loving the hexagons, even though it reminds me of another of my UFOs!

There's nothing like having someone who knows EXACTLY what you're going through, it's so good for you.

Oh, and in my world wine is a fruit portion, so don't feel guilty - just enjoy!

Carolyn Phillips said...

What a gorgeous LO. Have a great time Ellie and your friend at the sleepover...and yes, a midnight feast is a must.

Sue said...

Znother fab LO.

You and Ellie had a lovely sleepover.

Julia said...

Love this page! Hope things are much better today and that you have a great sleepover xx

Emma G said...

No one should tell you to pull up your big girl pants! It's only ever you who gets to walk in your shoes x

Carole Z said...

Love this layout Kirsty and hope you had a whale of a time at your sleep over :) Carole Z X