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16 Apr 2012

Its all silicon crazy

My lovely, lovely friend Marion Emberson is a bit nifty with WOW embossing powders. So much so that she has created a monster with these silicon moulds. I have two sets of them and bought them two weeks ago. As my mojo had simply buggered off in that time, they have been sat on my desk doing sweet nothing. Until tonight. My mojo mysteriously crept back into my life and spurred me on to give the embossing powder in the mould test.
I LOVE IT! So much potential for pendants, rings, flower centres, earrings, buttons.....a kajillions things. Use all the colours of your embossing powders or simply use your worst colour and paint it/glitter it/jazz it up.

Now, don't be suprised if you get to Marions shop and find them all gone. She has just had a cracking weekend at Ally Pally and prob sold out of these on the first day. But do keep an eye on the silicon mould range because these babies have so much potential. And if you do buy any, tell Maz I sent ya xx

Lastly, I wanted to share my new necklace with you all. Im not sure if I should put these on my website. That thing is well under re-construction as it looks so dated.
I gave one of these to my mother-in-law yesterday and she loved it. Its very hard to price a hand made piece of jewellery so I might hang fire on that score and just let my little retailer have them instead. Still, its another piece to add to my growing collection of heart pendant necklaces.


SallyB said...

Lovely necklace Kirsty ~ you are UBER talented lady :D
Lots of love xxx

Sue said...

WOW!!! Did I say WOW!!! Can see those selling out.

Fabby cards.

Lisa said...

Lovely necklace Kirsty and I would agree its so difficult to price handmade jewellery. Lisa x

Anonymous said...

is the necklace someone is shown wearing being sold ? if so where please? brand new jewellery is out of my price range so if this is second hand site somewhere would love to bid.thanks

Anonymous said...

Now that's a lovely necklace adorning a beautiful neck.
Love them both.
Pbb x

susiesu said...

WOW to the embossing powder! These mould were sold out a couple of hours afer Marion put them on the online shop! Will just have to use my 'Pound Shop' silicon molds until I can get hold of Marion's!!! Love the card you made. The necklace is beautiful. Can I ask where you get the hearts from or is it a trade secret?? lol Susiesu xxx

Debo said...

I'm sure Anonymous can't read! How on earth can she think it's secondhand???

The necklace is beautiful, I've no idea how you price it!

And you've reminded me that I must go to Marion's shop again!