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3 Apr 2012


Trying so hard to lift my hands to reach for the scissors and the glue but they are not budging. I think I am suffering from mojoitis. It isn't funny whatsoever. I have a trillion things running around my head but with Belles off school for Easter and snuggly lie-ins, I'm not mustering much energy for craft. Saying that, I have been walking the poochy on an evening for 2 miles at a time and tonight I resumed running. I ran for 2.5 miles and I can honestly say that when I got home, I didn't feel ecstatic or elated. I felt more like an 85 year old had just done a quick shopping trolley dash down the freezer aisle and was about to have a heart attack.

So instead of leaving my thoughts for another blog post, I thought I'd empty my head before bedtime and share some piccies. I am currently dreaming of making over my craft room and sighing over these babies:

All these lovely storage ideas and no time to implement them.

Lastly, I saw this beautiful idea with an empty pop bottle......isn't is fantastic? Maybe, just MAYBE it could ignite a little crafty intention?

Toodle oooooo!

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

Lovely to be able to have some time with your little ones. they are only young enough for snuggles with Mummy once and so make the most of it. As a young teenager upwards they wont want to know and will be in their own rooms with their head under the duvet until they are awake enough for loud music and groans of despare if Mum enters their zone! Make the most of it, take a break from crafting like others take a holiday from office work or whatever they do! If not get the paint out and let the tots make some mess! mild weather ideal for messy play times some paint on a large sheet of lining paper will keep them entertained for hours! Invite a few Mummies from the area around for coffee and let the little ones play and get messy! Cheap and easy to sort out - an ideal way to spend the time - fun parks and expenisve toys are less fun at that age! Snuggles and then mess- perfect childhood memories!

Judi said...

I have serious craft room envy, mine is such a mess I need to spend a week sorting it out!

Love that idea with the bottle, so amazingly simple yet so effective, can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing. xx

Louise said...

Ooh, Kirsty, these craft rooms are gorgeous! Love the POP bottle idea too :) Have a fab couple of weeks with Belle xx

Jane said...

I too am enjoying extra duvet time, while the kids are off. "mojoitus" is definately being written on my wall for future reference, On my craft room wall. I say craft room and use the term lightly Im scrunched up in a corner of my conservatory, which is brilliant for natural light but I cant put up shelves for the yummy jars or poles for delicious ribbons. But if we're honest ladies would our craft rooms seriously look like that?? On the first day maybe!!

Kirsti said...

Oooh I seen that technique for making blossom and thought it was fab...have it pinned for future reference...enjoy your day could be worse you could have 6" of snow like we have up here in the NE of Scotland;0)

Birdie said...

I definitely wouldn't get ANYTHING done if my craft room looked like any of those - I would just sit and stare and gloat!! My mojo has been on holiday without me for ages now, thinking of looking for a new one if it doesn't come back soon!! Enjoy your Easter break with Ellie - don't eat too many eggs!!! Love Denyse xxx

Sue said...

I love the craft room ideas and the bottle idea is brilliant.

Hope your mojo returns soon.

Fiona said...

Yeah right! Seriously, does anyone's craft space look like that?? Not anybody I know, for sure.
They do look lovely tho.

Jo E said...

Oh my. Just catching up with your blog. Those picture of Belle in the sunset are divine! I want to take some pics like that! Her hands are awesome - so sculptural - just beautiful. Glad to hear you are planting with a vengeance, me too. Yellow beets and yellow french beans for me this year but wanted to try purple carrots so let me know how they get on. Re raised beds, I've just added some to my wee garden. Homebase have an offer on some in store at the moment which makes them well worth the investment. Have you heard of square foot gardening? If not look it up on Pinterest. Utterly brilliant and I am hooked!!

susiesu said...

We can dream can't we of having craft rooms like these but as Jane says they wouldn't look like that for long!!!! They do look good though. The bottle idea looks amazing must have a go at doing that. ope your mojo returns home soon. Have a lovely time with Ellie over Easter and eat loads of choccie eggs. lol Susiesu xxx ps How old does 'anon' think Ellie is???? said...

Love the first and last craft rooms but seriously...would you be able to make anything in them and get them messy - I certainly wouldn't. This two weeks Easter holiday would be the ideal time for me to get into the space in the hall behind the draughty 250 yr old door (seriously) and get tidy out what I laughingly call the craft room (well - embarrasingly call the craft room after seeing those pics) but can I summon up the enthusiasm? I just know as soon as I go back to school (work) I will be desperate to craft. Any ideas????????? Sue R.