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1 Apr 2012

Best Curry EVER!

I love a takeaway but they are both expensive and full of ingredients that I have no idea of its freshness. Or indeed if its rat and not chicken. Heeeeeee! Also, my Belles can't be doing with ultra spicy whereas I hate all the ghee/sesame seed oil. So I flexed my fingers until they cracked and concocted the curry recipes of all curry recipes. And I'm going to share it with you so that you and the kids (if you have any but not your fur babies) can enjoy the quickest, tastiest curry on this planet. We love it so much that we have called it the Speedy Curry - best off all there is not one drop of oil in it.

These pics were taken in my iPhone which means the last photo isn't exactly Delia Smith magazine quality but if you could lick the screen, t would sure make up for it.

I make the sauce first so that I can pour it over my meat laters. This makes it vegetarian from the off. First, drain a tin of chick peas and pop them in a pan. Add 2 tbs of medium curry powder, half a teaspoon on cumin, half a block of creamed coconut and a couple of sprigs of lazy ginger (or normal ginger, if you have it). On top, pour 1.5 pints of boiling water. Cook on high for 15 mins

It will look like this

Its best to use a triblade wizzer (if you have one), to blend the chickpeas into a mush. If not, shove it in a liquidizer/blender.

Now it looks frothy and creamy

Now add 100g of ground almonds (dirt cheap in Aldi) and 2 tbs of mango chutney. Stir in on a simmer heat for 5 minutes. Your sauce is done - hello? You serious?

In a separate pan (we use a wok), dry fry some chopped chicken and onions. You can add other veg but I have a picky daughter and only onions will do.

As that's simmering away, shove your mini naan breads (or big naans cut in thirds) in a TOASTER! Yes! Why put the oven on for 3 poxy naan breads? The toaster cooks it for a fraction of the cost of heating the oven.

Finally pour the sauce over the cooked meat and onion. Stir for 5 mins until all is combined then dish up with pilau rice and toasted naans. Hmmm, ok, that food is very yellow but rest assured it is DELISH!
No horrible ingredients in this i.e. no artificial flavours, bad fats, oils etc like you would get in a jar. We do use jars on occasions but sometimes you just want some freshness in your day!

If you ever make this, tell me how you enjoyed it (especially the kids). The mango chutney makes it divine and the ground almonds add a slight taste but nothing too strong...we love it!

Finally, I'm adding a photo I took during a poochy walk tonight. Lighter nights makes for longer walks and I'm getting to see gorgeous silhouettes against the setting sun. This was also taken with the iphone!!!

Night Night x

Kirsty x
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susiesu said...

Thanks for sharing the speedy curry recipe Kirsty - def sounds DELISH and def going to try it. The photo of the tree is stunning. Happy crafting week lol Susiesu xxx

twinkletoe said...

Mmm love curry. Gonna try this soon.

Anonymous said...

ideal for the younger children as you say. they are usually eating hotter foods than the rest of us[ nowat secondary school] as they have their takeaways and fun times with their mates! The younger ones will hopefully enjoy this though as like your little girl they do try and eat the same as us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I am so going to have a go at making it. Been wanting to make my own curry for so long but had no idea where to start; now I do! :-) Thank you. Jude.x

Shirley Davis said...

Yummy, Kirsty! Printed out ready for hubby to make me a veggie curry Easter weekend. Thank you very much.

Sue said...

My stomach is rumbling so much after reading that recipe:)

Love the photo.

Kate said...

I've just tried it for tonight's dinner ... oh my word, it was fabulous. I doubled the sauce recipe (going to freeze it I think, if not have more curry tomorrow), and I had to put far more curry powder and cumin in to get it to taste how I wanted ... did it with chicken, onion, tomatoes and spinach and it was divine. The kids absolutely loved it too.

This is definitely going to be a staple dinner recipe chez moi in future. Next time I make it I'm going to add tomato paste I think and perhaps some garlic.

Thanks for sharing the recipe!


ellejaygee said...

Just cooked this for tea, yummy! Even my fussy youngest gave it a big thumbs up

ellejaygee said...

Just cooked this for tea, yummy! Even my fussy youngest gave it a thumbs up