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13 Apr 2012

And the concensus is......

A deluge of emails today with regards to yesterdays post. Some scorning me for missing a couple of key towns of which I have added (Carlisle and Hitchen/Hatfield). Id also like to thank those of you who took the shortest survey ever known to man (he heeeeeee)

Dates for venues thus far:

9th June - Birmingham
10th June - Cardiff
16thth June - Southampton
17th June - Bristol
23rd June - Glasgow
24th June - Aberdeen
30th June - Nottingham
1st July - Hitchin/Hatfield - tbd
14th July - Newcastle
15th July - Carlisle

Im not taking bookings just yet. Im just planting the dates in your mind and in about 4 weeks time I will open the reservations. The cost is the same as last year (£80) and includes 6 hours of DSLR training - taking your immediately out of automatic mode and shooting photos like your camera secretly begs you to. Read all about what the course entails here. Email me if you want me to contact you when the dates go live for booking and I will give you first refusal. My email is HERE.

So today. Hmmmmmm. Busy with the iPhone on push notifications as I had 1.3 bajillion emails and digital projects (on top) to cope with. This afternoon, though, I had to take Belles to town for a Science revision book for her forthcoming exams. We also bought little accoutrement's for her prom too. We are MAJORLY struggling to find a suitable stoal/shrug/bolero for her arms. She is painfully thin and its important to keep the mean girls at bay from her bare arms. I know that sounds catty but seriously, the ugly comments she gets in the summer with her bare arms (from passersby, people in queues etc) is VILE. I'm seriously thinking of a mohair style yarn to be made into a shrug so if anyone can help with locating a good priced mohair/angora effect yarn, Id be grateful beyond measure.

Whilst out shopping, what did I spy? Just what did I spy? Oh I was rubbing my eyes and blinking at my disbelief! Only polkadot converse with fatter spots on the reverse/inside. At £48 a pair, Ill have to wait until the next after next payday. Ive to also sell my kidney for my Hunter wellies which cost £85 in most shops except I bagged them for 33% less elsewhere (insert smug-but-hard-bloody-work-finding-them sigh of relief). I need super comfy yet stylish wellies for pooch walks on the marshland where we live. And my wedge wellies are a tad uncomf for doggy walks. They are more of a "I'll stand still, jump in a puddle on occasion but look-fabulous-into-the-bargain-kind-of-welly"". Don't you just love wellies, minus the sweaty feet and spiders?

Finally, just me and my girl are going to Knowsley Safari park tomorrow. I don't know about you but monkey and baboon butts scare the living hell out of me so I'm hoping I can swerve those enclosures and instead, opt to admire the things behind 5 inch thick glass and at a safe distance.


susiesu said...

Hi Kirsty Have a fabby day at Knowsley Safari Park tomorrow (I think you can avoid the monkey bit). Love the spotty Converse - now I know what you are talking about! Well done finding your bargain Hunter Wellies - more puddle jumping I say!! Have written down 17 June that you are in Bristol - dont have a DSLR camera but maybe your Bristolian friends can meet up lol Susiesu xxx

Patricia Rodriguez said...

I am almost ready for your online photography classes (the snow is going to be all gone in the next two weeks so I'm going to be able to go and explore outside!). Please let me know there will be a new DSLR course opening in May! xoxo

Anonymous said...

How come you're not on QVC anymore..

Anonymous said...

Oh *swoon* at those Converse. :-) And get you with Hunter wellies! lol.
Can't you use one of their tour buses in the Safari Park? No way would I be taking my own car into any of the enclosures not just the monkeys wanting the wipers, but big cats sat on the roof? Nah thanks! lol Have a great time though.
I used to be able to buy mohair-effect yarn on a cone, for machine knitting, at a reasonable price, so it could be worth a google? If I come across anything I'll let you know.

Sue said...

I love the red ones with white spots.

Have a lovely time at the safari park.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty... Hope you don't mind me picking your brains but... I don't know much about the photo world but i do love beautiful pics.. The Nikon 1 has caught my eye, espess the white one.. They are a fair bit of dosh, just wanted some advice really as I'm saving hard for one.
Thank you muchley
Helen xx

Anonymous said...

for the wool you could try coldspring mill at cullingworth nr howarth they are online i dont knit myself but my friend always shops there worth a try

karen p

Marie said...

Kirsty - I might have a shrug pattern(knitting) that would fit Belle. My Mum made one for Grace just before Christmas. I'm sure I saw it when we were sorting through Mum's things after she passed away. It's short sleeved but could easily be adapted. If you want a copy let me know and I'll have a look tonight.


Colette said...

If you bought a wide long mohair scarf you could run a seam up each end (lengthways) the length of Ellies arms and then the bit in the middle would sit around her shoulders. Might be worth a try?


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh bristol, whooppee. can't wait but need to save my unemployment benefit x
jo xx

Julia said...

Don't know if you have ever visited The Black Sheep but it's not far from you and they have some offers on...they also give great advice and it's a huge warehouse of wool and lovliness!

Sue Ramsay said...

Brilliant, Carlisle! Now we really do have to have that coffee weve been on about for years - pencil me in for after your classes!!!!
Sue R.

naomi_m said...

I'm almost annoyed that you're in Hertfordshire whilst I'm away in the US. I can't be, as I'm so excited about going, but it would have been lovely to meet you. I don't have a DSLR but I could have made you coffee!!