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28 Mar 2012

Teaching Photography

I teach people how to use their DSLR's the easy peasy way. No technical jargon and no fancy-schmancy long winded ways of getting to point. Instead, I get straight to the point and miss out the yawny bits. I teach them so that photoshop needn't be an option to rescue a bad picture as I feel that getting it right in the first place is key. Instead of wasting time clicking 100 clicks on one subject hoping you get one good image, I can teach you to invest a quarter of that time getting the image right, first off.

Take Marilyn. She came to me today on the advice of one of my old students. She emailed me saying that she wasn't a fast learner and would I be gentle? (ahem, of COURSE!). Well, within 3 hours she had cracked it and I was easy going. Here are her fab results today.

First off: aperture differentiation

Then taking a picture of a coffee cup in a dark corner of a bistro and nailing the exposure in manual (no nampby-pamby automatic. And when she did try in automatic for comparison, the image was blurry, too yellow and wrong!). When I mean that this corner of the restaurant was dark, I mean no daylight and lit with 2 halogen spot RUBBISH! By learning the tricks of Manual photography plus the madness of ISO 1600 (baulk!) .........this came out perfect!

Achieving maximum depth of field:

I didn't want Marilyn to leave. My poochy fell in love with her and the day was too gorgeous to end at 4pm. I invited her to stay for an extra cuppa whilst I mounted UV filters on all her lenses. When I mean all, I'm talking paparazzi sub woofers right down to delicate macros. All those lovely lenses that can now be put to professional use. As we talked shop, we put the world to rights - it was a super day. And I made a lovely new friend into t'bargain x

So, this leads me to my 2nd online photography course. Are you in a rut with your DSLR and rarely use it out of automatic or even aperture priority? Get to grips with your camera and learn how to achieve maximum depth of field or learn how to freeze frame or record motion blur with perfection. I deliver 4 lessons over 4 weeks to get you to the stage where your camera boasts about the beast it really is. Come and read all about it here and snag my last spot on the course (which starts this Friday).

PS: You can dip in and out of the course as you wish, you have 8 weeks to deliver your assignments and there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever (but there is lots of encouragement).

PPS: If you prefer, I teach one to ones here, in Wigan. An action packed 6 hours gets you shooting images as fab as Marilyn's, above. Come see here

Kirsty x
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ger76 said...

Beautiful pictures well done Marilyn :) wish I loved closer Kirsty xxx

Judi said...

Well done Marilyn (and Kirsty for the tuition!)
Ger76 - do the online course, you will learn so much! In 4 weeks your photography will change dramatically.

Jaki Morris said...

That coffee shot is fab, 1400 ISO? Who'd have known it went that big?

I also echo the 'do the online course' it's grreat fun