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25 Mar 2012

Robert Pattinsons agent

Who is she/he? Anyone got their number? I'm afraid if Belles doesn't get anyone to go to the prom with then I'm going to have to call them. His agent or the cute little blonde's agent from One Direction (no idea what his name is but she is currently holding a bit of a torch for him too!!) Heeeeeee! Poor kid, she has nobody to sit with (girl or boy) as all her friend's have already organised their seating plans/travel arrangements etc yadder yadder. I was just going to sit here and bawl my eyes out FOREVER over the matter but Belles has decided that she will just hang out and enjoy being fabulous. That kid has no qualms over the debacle; I don't know where she gets her strength from because I'd be mopping up my tears, with my prom dress underskirt, if I were her. Talking of which, her ultra fluffy petticoat arrived today and I have to say, its pretty fantastic for the price. If anyone is looking for fluffy-under-prom-under-skirts, then get in touch.

Tonight was a great night on the telly for the Wiseman household. The Voice and Britain's Got Talent. At times I found The Voice a little contrived and cheesy but we all gave it a thumbs up in the end. And Britain's Got Talent? Oh we just LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Its got everything including belly laughs and tears. Loved Johnathon and Charlotte (Click this link here) in fact I was so happy for them I wept buckets and wiped my snot down the dogs back. Love little gems like this. Another Susan Boyl/Paul Potts moment.

Finally, here is a little something I whipped up using leftovers and fiddly bits as I was tidying my craft room. I guess its kind of christmassy with red, green and white but what the hell....... it's a card to sit amongst my standy-by collection, for that special someone, in a hurry.

I'm off to Leeds tomorrow to meet a sweet friend of mine for coffee and my fave uncle in the world for a bite to eat. What with the clocks going forward, I best get my ample backside to Bedfordshire xx

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

Hi, think one very special girl there but if they are "friends" maybe if they really are friends they will accept Belle as she is and as their friend and include, accept and above all sit and travel with her? Cannot believe otherwise they are friends and even know the meaning of the word? Hope one or more of them are told and see sense soon. maybe if she invites one of them over for coffee and a chat or they go to a club or something else social happens before this they will be able to chat about it and see the errors of their very immature ways? Well done Belles for otherwise being able to ignore such people who clearly are not worth upsetting yourself over ...and good prep for the wider world as there are sadly a large% of adults who are as bad if not worse! Me Me Me Me Me is all they think about....

Emma Collins x said...

Poor Belle! If they were friends then they would not be acting like this and not including your gorgeous daughter. How fab is she? WHAT AN AMAZING ATTITUDE!

Here in the Collins household we too loved The Voice but thought that it was all about the judges ego's - not that it stopped me from watching! I now prefer this to The Xfactor because they are not judging a book by it's cover. I did cry most of the way through though - silly heartwarming, dramatic music!! ;-)

Sue said...

Robert Pattisons agent is Stephenie ritz.

Love the card.

Colette said...

At least Ellie will be able to grow up and not have to worry that she ever knowingly hurt someones feelings. We are all so concerned with fitting in at her age it isn't until we are older that we realise that so many of the 'misfits' we meet in life are the most interesting. Good for Ellie that she isn't afraid to be her own unique fabulous self,

C x.

Judi said...

Ah bless her, what strength Ellie has! I'd be like you, bawling my eyes out. What a credit she is to you, I know how proud you are of her and quite rightly so.
It's times like this that you find out who your friends really are. They should be ashamed of themselves and I reckon when they see how beautiful and unique she looks they will all be jealous that she dared to be different.

I would love it if you managed to get an amazing escort for her and wouldn't be surprised if you managed to pull something out of the bag! No pressure then but as we all know if you don't ask you don't get!!!

Good luck and take care xx

PS love the card, espesh the tulle rose!

Ali said...

Have you tried contacting the Rays of Sunshine charity? I know you are kidding a bit about the Robert Pattinson bit but this charity exists to grant the wishes of children with serious health issues and I heard about them from reading the blog entry of a 16 year old girl with Cystic Fibrosis for whom they arranged a day out with Benedict Cumberbatch! :)

Anyway, you should be proud that you have raised just a confident, well-adjusted young lady who is going to enjoy herself at the prom, regardless of whether she has a date (but I must agree that her "friends" are not really living up to the name).

Jaki Morris said...

Would she be interested in a younger man? My son is tall, kind and caring and scrubs up well!

I'm just glad we didn't have proms in my day, or loads of parties. Or maybe we did and I just didn't get any invites!


Jen said...

Aw bless her!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she will be as beautiful and as captivating as her mother was at that age.
Love and best to belle on her special day. And to mom always.

Anonymous said...

Aw Belle. But what a confident, mature young lady you have there. Hopefully one of her "friends" will realise and sort themselves out, but if not I'm certain she'll head off and have a great time despite them.
Love that card. Jude.x

susiesu said...

I hope you find someone 'very special' to escort Ellie to the Prom. It would b nice to think that her friends would rally round her but I think at that age every one else is thinking of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Good for Ellie for such a sensible attitude - I know you are very proud of her and so you should be. Love the card and using white on white lol Susiesu xxx