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3 Mar 2012

The prettiest, most splendiferous kit EVER

You can't top Rhonna Farrer for her ingenious insight into digital trends. You just can't. And this comes a week after I watched Water For Elephants (about the Circus!). You can imagine how fired up I am.

Take a peek at these Spring Circus bundles and then await my magical powers of digi hybridness tomorrow for something spectacular to come from these.

The carousel, the elephant, the air balloons - THE COLOURS!

Get your digi loving back-side over here to enjoy some of the feast that Rhonna has laid out for you!

Lastly, from me tonight....a picture diary of today's shenanigans.
Look at what I found this morning. This lazy little toad loves the warmth of our quilt when we get out of bed in the morning. After the school run, I came home to make the beds and found this.
Dachshunds are notorious for "burrowing".
Flat on his back, legs splayed and tail poker straight!
Then a few hours later, I found him in our bed again - all scrunched up and cosy. Why do I bother making the beds??!!

Today, I received my black and white polka dot skirt. It lives over this uber frilly red petticoat.
Its for a pre-prom shoot this summer. Ive got a teal and white polka dot skirt and uber frilly hot pink petticoat plus a red and black polka dot skirt and uber frilly black petticoat. My friends daughter, Elise, is going to be trying them out for me in the next few weeks. Think Victory rolls, bobby socks and flats and twinsets with pearls. MADNESS.

Finally here is the scarf which compliments my mustard winter coat. I think I'm pretty chuffed with it but I'm saying it was a labour of love. I'm definitely not being bitten by the bug although I could be tempted on long car journeys (obvs whilst NOT driving)
My coat IS mustard but you know, these iPhone cameras are not exactly DSLR's!

Have a coolio weekend :)

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

Lovely! I would be ensuring I shut the door tightly! having to wash all that bedding every time a dog was found in the bed would be enough to train him well and shut all the doors so he never ever went upstairs. The huge risks from infections from dogs and disability or death from the germs they carry mean they should never ever be allowed to touch your face neve rmind slept in your bed - google and learn about things like parvo virus and all the other things dogs carry - yikes !

Sue said...

Lovely new kit.

Fab scarf.

Such a funny picture of your little fur baby. He is adorable.

Judi said...

Oh anon you do go on anon anon!!! Can't you ever see or say something positive?

Kirsty, the photos are fab, the skirt is fab, the scarf is fab but above all Eddie is FAB - especially in the bedding!!!

Look forward to seeing what you do with that scrummy digi kit xx

Anonymous said...

I love catching up with you and that scarf is just amazing :-)

That first photo of Eddy should be used for a card with an amusing caption . . . no idea what though!

Re anon's comments. I really don't get why he/she is so very concerned for your health and welfare and yet doesn't sign his/her name! Me thinks she is just having a good old anon dig . . . but then again I could be wrong ;-)

Love ya . . . Sue Nic xxxx

Ruth said...

Hi Kirsty. Great photos...especially Eddy!! He's so cute. I love the scarf too - well done! I'm still working on my Aquamarker" skills. Many thanks again for your help, Ruth x

Pooch said...

Pah germs shmerms! My dogs love a snuggle in bed too. Gues I'm a dirty cowbag too according to Anon! Oh well I can live with that! I've had dogs 11 years and it's not killed me yet!

Lovely scarf by the way!

Redanne said...

I really don't want to say what I thin about Anon - I think I might be had up! Why or why do they bother. Kirsty, I have used Rhona's stamps for years but these digis are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Love the Tattoo one, must have that! Eddy looks gorgeous and I agree it would make a good card with a caption that you could easily come up with.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I LOVE that pic of Eddy's tail and back paws! Though I would woop Maisy's hairy backside if I caught her in my bed and she knows better than to sneak there; it's bad enough having to sleep with Will HAHA!

Fab scarf, really lovely and bet it looks stunning with your coat.


Barbara said...

Love the picture of Eddie in bed. My dog is the same, as soon as I get out of bed he is in my space. You should do something with that picture its so funny!!!

Fiona said...

What hilarious shots of Eddy, my cat is just the same. It's a wonder I'm still alive after 12 years with her sleeping on my bed!
Brilliant scarf btw, well done! and nearly forgot to say I lurve your skirt with the frothy net petticoat.

Debo said...

Brilliant pics of Eddy, and so cute! Our 2 kitties love to snuggle on our bed (especially when it's all just nicely 'flumped') I must be due to die of some nasty virus any day soon!

(would be fascinating to see a photo of Anon!)

Well done with the scarf! Isn't it satisfying when you wear it? You've reminded me that I'm halfway up the sleeve of a jumper!!! Must get that out tonight!