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27 Mar 2012

Mad March Weather

Its completely barking! Our county was set to reach 18 degrees Celsius today but in my little nook in the garden, it was 29. I couldn't breathe and was worried about my factor 15 being rendered useless or even worse - flammable!! Im gently nurturing my freckles and have harvested a whopping 485324832709749836520165765 to far with room for more. I cant afford to be burned to a crisp like Katy Price, so I gave in after spits and spats throughout the day. I have to consider whether I want fluffy cloud skin or leather (and I'm not opting for the later!).

Last night I promised Belles I'd take her to the beach after school with the dog. We packed cold and hot drinks, blankets, a camera, doggy stuff and a couple of pounds for a fish supper. As we are lucky to live near the west coast (22 miles is near, right?) we set off so that we would have an hour sat in the sun as it went down in hope that the blankets kept us snug and the coffee warmed our insides. It gets pretty chilly on the coat, especially Southport. Of course, living by the west coast means you get a spectacular sunset over the sea and with it being completely cloudless today, we were going to be in for some pretty fabulous photos.

We arrived at the golden hour. Ellie was hysterical at my tallness with the evening shadow!

Belles and the boy took a seat between mad dashes in the shale and sand.

Cuddles were plentiful

And leftover coffee shares were an added bonus for poochy poo

The sun didn't take long to dive into the north sea, so we played a little because on the west coast - you can!

This one is my favourite, Belles had no idea what was going on and passers-by must have thought we were loons!

Belles was getting cold at this stage so she went back to the car with the pooch and more coffee and I waited (over the road) JUST for this shot. I knew I wanted it the moment we arrived so had to wait for a couple to pass along the railings whilst I pretended I was taking pictures of the sky (sneaky!)

I glad we got these photos as a memory of a happy little night together but in all seriousness, these pictures are not half as delicious as the fish supper we troughed on the way home. We even bought a sausage for the sausage dog **I'm covering his ears, he doesn't know he ate his 3rd cousin, twice removed for his tea!**

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Kirsty x
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Judi said...

Amazing Photos Kirsty! Glad you all had a great time, bet you sleep well tonight xx

Sally-Jo said...

Gorgeous photos xx

susiesu said...

What a fabulous way to spend a fabulous evening. Loving the photos especialy the one with Ellie's hand enclosing the setting sun. lol Susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos that rounded off what looks like a lovely evening. Am I jealous of you being able to go to the seaside 'just like that'? Er, yep! :-) Jude.x

Anonymous said...

You take the most amazing photographs. I lived every singled sunset shot but most of all, I simply adore the ond off Ellie sharing coffee with her boy.

Julia said...

Wow beautiful photos - I love the ones of the sun through Belle's hands. You have inspired me to head for Southport one evening too :)

Sue said...

Fabby photos. So glad you and Belles had a nice time.

I love the beach.

EllieWee said...

Wow, those photos are just amazing xx

Bumblebee said...

Love the ones with Belles holding the sun in her hands!!! This weather has been crazy, we even had a bbq with some friends last night (it is March isn't it?!!!!!).

Anonymous said...

its great living near the sea esp when its just a few mins away like here! The uneducated burn in the sun sea and sand air and cry because they are sore...then they feed the gulls and then wonder why they come and steal their ice creams or chips! they take pictures of the sun on the sea and wodner why they dont come out right, they wear shorts and tops which are too small and they have their large tummies bulging out in front of them as they waddle hand in hand and have a happy holiday! A poem and a short story to be had from that description- which happens every day here!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a brilliant time all 3 of you!
Its also lovely that you are giving your daughter such wonderful
memories of things you do together
it just goes to show that time is more important than money any day
chris x

Barbara said...

What beautiful pictures!!!
Love the one with Ellie giving her boy some coffee. You are an amazing photographer and I love to read your stories about your day.

Helen said...

Stunning photos Kirsty! Perfect memories of a special evening by the looks of it. Helen x

Lisa-Jane said...

Stunning pics missus and well done to that couple for passing by at the right time and holding hands too. Love the one of Eddie and Belles with the narrow depth of field (I think that's right!) xx