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30 Mar 2012

Little things on my mind

Todays random post of the things on my mind:

I am disturbed by a number of things this week. For one, the petrol panic which is totally unnecessary as the strikes haven't even started yet and may NOT even happen yet. Conveniently, I needed fuel last night as I was actually on empty, so had to really buy it. The queues and the anger were horrendous. There were extra staff ushering the lines into order and drivers were ranting and raving. Diesel had run out and fortunately, as I was buying from a supermarket, the prices were not hiked like other stations in the area. The conservative party members who ushered this panic buying can go and choke on their pasties for all I care. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.
Meh, am I 75 years old?

Sunrays sent from heaven, had to share this....this was the view from my sun lounger as I wrote text for a class I'm teaching.

Legs as pasty as milk and chalk. I'm not in the nakky-noo. Just hitched my skirt up over my knees and liberated my ultra pale legs.

On Tuesday night I received a call from a prospective client, just before I went to the beach with Belles and Poochy. The conversation and how it turned out is still making me feel very angry and I really do need to vent my feelings on the matter. The caller asked if I would take photos of her 14 year old daughter and airbrush and add photoshop makeup. I flatly refused. It is outrageous and it is WRONG. Are we living in such a perfect world that we cannot accept ourselves as nature intended? I refuse to give into this style of photography, opting to make the best of natural light. I have to add that the client insisted that her daughters skin and teeth were blemish free........ I may get less work for it but sometimes you just have to stick to your guns.

Muller light coconut yoghurt?
My god, this is just the most heavenly thing ever. Dunk a couple of strawberries in it and you are transported to paradise. For about 5 minutes, anyway.

And Japanese dumplings?
oh my, my Uncle took me to a Japanese restaurant in Leeds at the weekend and these babies are my new fave delicacies. Thank you Uncle Sippy xx

This tune by Gotye.
When I first heard it, I thought it was Sting. Listen to it and love it. Its a grower.

I've got the gardening bug after a 3 year hiatus.
And when I get the gardening bug, I REALLY get the gardening bug. This year we are growing purple carrots, garlic chives, basil, lettuce, potatoes and mint. I'm also seeding anenomes, gladioli, verbenas, petunias, stocks and sweet peas this week too. We have 14 days for these babies to germinate before I shove them in my new greenhouse (its just a pokey little 4 shelf thing but still practical) and then a further 6 weeks to get our raised beds built and installed.
I'm more excited than I am at the launch of a new Basic Grey collection.

And finally, after all that randomness, Ive added two extra spaces to my class starting tomorrow (although you can dip in and out as you choose to suit). Read all about it here.

Right, that's my head totally emptied for now. I'm off to Bedfordshire to play Draw Something. Gotta love that new iPhone App.

Kirsty x
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Bettyann said...

oh my sound like life is going crazy in that you are gardening again...I love the sight of my plants coming up in spring...bought Mom a little portable greenhouse a few years back...she love using it....take care..

Helen said...

Have you tried chocolate philli yet? It's great with bananas and I'm told if you melt it for a few seconds in the microwave it's gorgeous to dip strawberries in....On another note, good on you for refusing to photoshop that young girl, I totally agree with you there xx

Jaki Morris said...

I am not panicking but I had to get petrol today! The £47 bill is proof, however one person put in £1.40. Where exactly are they going to go with that?

I've bought my boys some seed potatoes and tow potato pots for them to grow their own. When we moved to this house we had a greenhouse. We never used it and it was full of cacti and stinging nettles. We exchanged it with a neighbour for a case of lager and some wine. How I wish we hadn't!

Take care milky

Bettythebaglady said...

Dear Kirsty-Your photography is stunning. If I could take the sort of shots you do I would be insulted to think that they might need to be artificially enhanced. Anyway beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What a miserable ignorant woman she was. Pity we have to sell our talent to people like that. Hugs to you and yours Betty

Sue said...

So glad you wouldn't touch up the photos.

Not seen that yoghurt, but love coconut so will look out for it.

Fiona said...

Glad to hear you've got the gardening bug. (Did you know you can get 30 of those pots in Poundland) Got all my seeds in ready to transplant at the allotment.
Love that Gotye and Kimbra tune, been listening to it for a few weeks now on groovy Radio2.
Airbrushing a 13yr old ???? Whatever next ? Botox?

Anonymous said...

the petrol situ is a disgrace. stupid immature and shows the disgusting side of the ignorant swearing , pushing in, rude to the staff etc etc and as for the woman in her kitchen....we wish her well but for crying out loud how sad someone is seriously hurt due to being greedy and so so stupid. where has she been all her life using petrol in her kitchen whilst cooking? So so sad and what a waste of a life ruined for now at least and the very least due to greed, pure and simple greed. As for the Mother and the teenager she has to make her own choices and so she will. As for the gardening another great activity for familiy life and children need to learn how to do these things and that veg doesnt come in plastic bags magically from a supermarket - a great thing to do with tiny tots and older ones too! Enjoy their excitement as they see the fruit of their labours and can then learn to cook it and how to eat it too! Learn as tots and forever they should eat healthy food and not be processed junk food addicted sad little kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirsty, loving Goyte v much... I think he's a well kept secret or the next big Sting he he...
Good luck with the seadlings, wish I had green fingers too.. Tried to grow potatoes once but didn't have enough for one dinner!!!! I could try again though.
Love the photo, it's like Angel dust from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Appologies to Gotye for spelling his name Goyte....

susiesu said...

love the sunrays photo - def sent from heaven. Am obsessed with Goyte's record (but also now love the cover version -how brill is that?)there is something addictive about it! What did that mother want the photos of her daughter for?? Well done for saying 'no' to her request. Good luck with the veg and flower growing just love seeing new seedlings popping their heads through the soil. Enjoy your mucky fingers lol Susiesu xxx

cla16e said...

The lovely rays from heaven are delightful.
I just need to ask about the restaurant you went to in Leeds......we go to tong palace on a Sunday for dim sum and their dumplings are the best I've tasted, I'm thinking yours look delish.
Oh and coconut muller....... I use it to make curry!!! Oooh it's heaven.