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2 Mar 2012

I can knit (not!)

He heeeeeeeeeeee, more on that later..........

First I wanted to show you this baby. Using my new and fab Tim Holtz new paper bag die that I got today. I used kraft postal wrap to make the bag but feel it could benefit from a stronger gsm. Still - its pretty 'mezzin. I am so joyously in love with this die.
Like, I even want to marry it; it's that gorge.

Simply entitled "A bit of advice", this bag contains a mini tag book containing quotes I feel every woman should carry around with her.

Here is the book, out of the bag

I embossed every tag and half inked them with Distress Ink pads. I then put a strip of corrugated card down the centre of each tag

I found 5 of my favest quotes and printed them out in an old typewriter font, then inked each strip in co-ordinating coloured inks (as per each page)

I used paper pieces from Crate Paper to decorate the centre of each Kraft star

And I just marvel at such a beauteous object

So, this knitting and kind of not knitting?
God knows I have tried to knit on several occasions but its just not my bag. This afternoon I nipped into my local haberdashery in Ashton for some silver buckles and noticed this yarn on the shelf. I fell in love with it. I got talking to the shop owner and she told me how EASY it was to make it up into a scarf. Unconvinced, she grabbed two needles and showed me. You don't even cast on, you just weave your needles through 7 alternate loops. Then you knit the 7 stitches (just knit, not a purl in sight!) until the ball has 12 inches left spare. Then you cast off. SHE WAS AMAZING spending the time with me. Well, that was it - 2 balls purchased (to make two scarves), some knitting needles and I came home thinking "Oh man, not another craft I have ZERO time for".

I made a start during the One show. Only this little fella wanted my attention all bloody evening so I allowed him to lie on my lap whilst I fudged my way through the start of the scarf. I admit, I am not a natural knitter. I'm slow and careful; well, I thought I was. I kept dropping the stitches and missing loops.......I mean 7 lousy stitches and I'd end up with 8 then 6 and man, it got ugly! I had to unravel it a few times before I got the hang of it.

This is my scarf for now, a third done. And although I'm not technically knitting a "fair isle aran in chunky knit with purls and knits" (and christ knows what). I've managed to produce something that looks decent without dropped stitches or mishapen rows from a varying tension.

Are you proud of me?
Oh. OK.
Tee heeeeee

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Kirsty x
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susiesu said...

I want to marry your paper bag containing tag book of sayings too!!!! Havent got the paper bag die but would like to copy your tag book idea - love the idea of embossing them an just inking the bottom half. Also the two sayings I can read are great. You are now a KNIT - no I mean you are now a KNITTER - well done Kirsty on such a great achievement - the scarf looks fab. I would love the make a bag in this yarn. thanks for sharing lol Susiesu xxx

Bettyann said...

love the paper bag and the are knitting.. omg thats the scarf!!

Nancy W said...

Holy smokes sister!! Love these!!! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That Tag Book is just...... everything... lol Can't even think of one word to describe it - awesome, gorgeous. pretty, brilliant idea. Mind if I steal? Please?
And love that scarf. What yarn is it? I think I may have to have me some of that! :-) TFS both of these today. Jude.x

Jenne said...

Look at you knitting! Is there no end to your talents? I love that scarf. And that bag die is delicious, I think I NEED it :-) those tags are gorgeous Kirsty. If you haven't anyone to send them to.....I will be very happy to receive them!!!! ;-D

Carolyn Phillips said...

Those tags look gorgeous, I will find it hard to resist copying them. Is all sounds so simple and yet the overall look is brilliant.

As for the bag, I need some of that yarn - what is it please?

Carolyn Phillips said...

I meant scarf. I'm not awake yet.

Bernice said...

I love the tag book. I may have to copy the idea! Although I don't have the bag die so maybe that means it's only a scraplift. Lol

Jaki Morris said...

I can knot knit either, or rather I can but I can't cast on or correct misatkes.

I absolutely adore the bag o tags how I wish I had half your talent Mrs K you are truly inspiring.

Ya heard me

Sue said...

Loving the quote book.

The scarf is just fab.

Redanne said...

The quote book is simply amazing, love, love, love it to bits, now I want one too. Want, Want, want - thats me all over. I love knitting and you have done really well with this - I would fold over what you have done, line it and make a bag with a ribbon handle on it - now that more like you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kirsty, poor little Eddie was just making sure you were knitting up his new cape in the right size :)


Bumblebee said...

That paper bag and tags is AMAZING!!! How fab does that embossing and inking look?!!! and the quotes are genius!!!

Barbara said...

What a fantastic tag book, the sayings are fab and the tags are a delight. Nice to see the "wee man"

Soo said...

That tag book is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE the quotations you've used.

Knitting is my first love - paper, ink and glitter are a pretty recent flirtation. Your scarf looks good to me - no visible evidence of stitches lost or gained!.

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

Wow love those tags totally gorg. The knitting is coming on a treat too eh - I can't knit at all so much respecto.