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13 Mar 2012

Happy Birthday Eddy

Yesterday (12th Mar), Eddy turned 4 (or is that 28?). As he is a major part of our family and life, we couldn't just treat the occasions as "oh, its JUST the dog's birthday". No way, hosay.

The day before his birthday, he was sat with me (like an old man) watching TV

Then the next day, we bought him treats, gave him a card and plonked a candle on his Birthday Steak. He was a very happy little boy.

And tonight, he made sure nobody was going to mess with his toy bone. Nobody at all.

We love this little sausage dog; best thing to happen to us in a long time.

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Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

That first photograph is so funny - I'm going to be smiling all day remembering that one. :-) Belated Happy Birthday Eddy. Jude.x

Anonymous said...

great ! Love the fact you too celebrate animals special days and we havent ever gone as far as a candle so that is ready on the lsit of ideas for next time! Thanks so much for the fun!

Barbara said...

What a fantastic photo Kirsty!!!!
It was my friends Dachs birthday and we bought a birthday cake, she got cards and presents too. I do the same with my little Bichon Ben. He is a part of my family!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Eddy. Glad you were spoilt even more than usual:)

Redanne said...

Great photos Kirsty, love the birthday cake idea too!

susiesu said...

love the first photo - what is it they say about dogs looking like their owners????? Eddie is certainly not letting anyone else have HIS bone lol xxx

Debo said...

Happy Birthday Eddy!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is as mad as we are with their dogs, I make them tripe dog food cakes and put candles in, they get cards and pressies too. We also have a sausage dog, black and tan girl, called Mitzi who is a real little character, she is the boss of the other two, a cocker spaniel and a great dane. Love the piccies of the prom dress etc. Sara B