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15 Mar 2012

A funny old day

Today, woke exceptionally early because today was "get a free latte" day from Starbucks. The fact I had to drive 4 miles, pay a parking charge of £4.50 to get one is besides the point - I was grabbing my opportunity to bleed them dry. I'm really a Costa Coffee girl but a free coffee tastes oh-so-magnificent, even if the beans could have been ground with human bones and dog poo.

Before I set off, I gathered my shopping essentials. Namely reading glasses, a brolly, lippy, purse, pen, paper and my sunnies. Only they decided to break. But I wasn't going to let that hamper my day.

I made a beeline for Starbucks where people were backed right out of the door. This is typical but hell, why not - its free coffee! I had only been stood in the line for 30 seconds when I recognised the guy come and stand behind me. It was only Luke Marsden from Big Brother 8. He is an absolute scream and so I asked if I could have my picture taken with him. Sadly neither of us were particularly endorsing Starbucks nor being paid for it. Remember - I'm a costa coffee girl. NB: I was wearing my rather fetching "quilt cover" style jacket for ease of wear and not a fashion accessory.

After 45 minutes of queuing and enjoying conversation with random queue-ees (seriously, I love talking to anyone and was pure entertainment), I was served my free half shot skinny latte with sweet and low. And it was fan-friggin-tastic.

Afterwards, I ran some errands around town before being lured by the mystique of TK Maxx. Normally I cannot stand rifling through rails and racks of oddments (all in XS, Size 6 or browny fawny coloured clothes that nobody else wants). But today I noticed there was a sale on and the prom dresses were on that rail. Now, we know Ellie isn't your average 16 year old who is going to be wanting to spill out of a satin-y/sequin-y top with splits up to her knickers, fake tanned with false eyelashes and all sorts of "gypsy wedding style" paraphernalia. Ellie's simple request was "Bella from Twilight". So I had to look for "soft shades and simple". Good old fashioned simple and understated. And in one shopping session (out of a predicted 385483534643) I found the dress. And its just heavenly (although needs taking in a few inches). Best thing was that it was reduced from £100 to £30. But I'll savour those pictures for tomorrow as we have done nothing but plan accessories since I got home with the dress she practically salivated over when she saw it. Im so glad she trusts me!

I have started to make one of the accessories and that's some hand warmers. Ellies unusual, slightly soft "emo" look needs hand warmers and this blog HERE gave me a great idea. I cut up a beautiful, soft pair of Pringle socks in grey and followed the instructions of the blog I just mentioned before. I have lashings of lace (the colours in the lace and socks match her dress perfectly) and lots of ornate buttons so I set to work whilst watching a re-run of The 2 hairy Bikers "Bake-action" programme (loving it Although had to pain myself watching them lavishing over bread). I only managed to finish one but I think she is going to love this. It looks better on but I cant wear it and take a picture at the same time - duh!

Ive also got a necklace to make (again, simple and understated), a flower corsage for her hair and a wrist purse. Bless her sweet heart, she really does want to approach this Prom with something a little unique and of course I'm def going to help her.

I also made this pretty little post-it note holder and gift bag too

As well as a 1 minute card made with left overs. Seriously - slap, dash, zip!

Its been such a fun, happy day. I'll sleep well tonight.

Kirsty x
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Jaki Morris said...

Ha,ha exactly what I was saying about the cost of petrol and parking negating the 'free' coffee! After I put the phone down to you I made myself a free coffee! I also made the Hairy Bikers' biscuits after watching them on TV. I love them, they're so funny and their programmes never fail.
I was thinking about the converse boots you wanted in silver, I suppose you've thought about white ones sprayed with metalic silver paint?
Of course you have because you are the uber talented Mrs W

take care

Anonymous said...

Love the handwarmers! Starbucks? NOOO
please don't be lured to the dark side - we Costa lovers must stick together (well just a 'free' one then!!)
Love Anne x

Redanne said...

Paticularly love your one minute card and the wrist warmers are something else - wonderful.

Shirley Davis said...

Am so relieved you are a Costa Coffee girl as I am a Costa Coffee Manager's Mum!

Love your unique take on life, the ordinary for others is worthy of comment from you. Well done. Kirsty, keep writing for us, please. And Carry on Craftin' - could be a new film!

Debo said...

Those wristwarmers are fabulous! Thanks for sharing the link! I can't wait to see Ellie in her dress!!!!!!!!!

Fiona said...

Sounds like a great day out, although I've no idea who that BB bloke is. So pleased you found Ellie's dress. Isn't it fab when you find something that's perfect, unexpectedly. Can't wait to see pics of it. Great wristwarmers too (where do you find these blogs?)

Detour said...

I love your logic of pay parking for free coffee. :)

Annie said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :) x

Di said...

What a lovely vision Belle is going to be - sounds slightly funky and very cool (can you mix those OK, I'm a bit over the hill!!). Now, who could she have got her sense of style from I wonder? Hurry up and show us all that dress as well, sounds like you did brilliantly!

Did laugh about the expensive free coffee - my kind of logic too.

Love, Di xx