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11 Mar 2012

A day on location

Today, my friend Ruth and I went to do some landscape shooting. I have to say its not my strong point as I am very much a peoples person. Nevertheless I scooped up my cameras and lenses and tripod (ugh, the weight was HIDEOUS!) and met Ruth at Rivington Pike. I knew I should have stayed at home after experiencing the worst journey there EVER! But got there, I did.

Ruth is a fantastic photographer so I felt quite challenged to produce some decent shots. As it was quite gloomy, we had to rely on a high ISO which I personally thinks can ruin a good shot but still. Rivington Pike has these amazing features to try your skills with but at this time of year, I think dark and dank colours don't make for the best shots. We did come across a few things of interest and here is my pick of the lot.

I love fence shots - ones that stretch beyond your focal point

Texture with tree bark is a great shot to take

Practising symmetry can be a lot of fun

These two ducks were happily having a snooze before another Drake came to "impress" the female. Approx 30 seconds after this shot, the poor female had two amorous suitors chasing her tail. And we sat and watched the hideous spectacle! **poor little ducky**

Another female duck, on guard it would seem. After all, 'tis the season for baby ducklings ;)

You might need to click on this to enlarge it but here is a blue tit feeding

And a nuthatch! Never seen one before but I was chuffed with this shot!

And finally, I love the texture in this picture

After what seemed only 1 hours, it became 3 hours later than when we started. Up and down inclines and steps made me quite sleepy. Ruth went back home to Preston and I had a less hairy ride home to Wigan.

What did you do today?

Kirsty x
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twinkletoe said...

Beautiful photos Kirsty. You are one brilliant lady!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Expect your daughter enjoy seeing the ducks? We had a fantastic and fun all age worship service at Church and the children all enjoyed the songs and fun times as well as some fun teaching too. Then it was family time , reading, relaxing, chatting and food. then it was early to bed for me as I developed a high temperature. think today will be a Dr visit.

Sue said...

Fabby photos. Great getting the Nuthatch.

Jaki Morris said...

I love the tunnel, the way the brickwork goes all around.

I took some photos of my boys and a woodlouse! I also cleaned the house from top to bottom and inside out and rewarded myself with a curry.

Have a great day

Judi said...

Goes without saying that the photos are fab, love the tunnel and how lucky were you to see a Nuthatch...and capture it, wow! Glad you girlies had a fantastic fun day xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Sounds like a perfect day. We went for a walk along the canal, finished off by a (not so delicious :-( ) mug of chocolate; I forgot to grab the camera so no photo's for me; then home to try to finish a cardigan I've been knitting for my daughter. Just got to sew it up now, so does that count as finished? Jude.x

angie's blogspot said...

once went there with my friend from chorley, lovely place, hmm what did I do today, scrubbed the bloody kitchen, cupboards tiles work tops sorted the cupboards of doom as mark calls them, lol, fun NOT!
Angie mwah x

Denise said...

Gorgeous photos - I love the tunnel :-)

Debo said...

The photos are amazing - as always! It certainly doesn't show that you don't like landscapes. I'm always taking photos of dry stone walls, old doors and windows, peeling paint, rusty sheds...wonder what that says about me?

I had a lovely walk with some friends in the morning, watched the rugby with hubbie in the afternoon, skyped with daughter (away at uni) in evening, before lovely roast - cooked by hubby! Think I'm rather lucky! (But I am having a Lumbar root block injection this afternoon!:( )

Redanne said...

Wonderful photos Kirsty, love the steps and also the Nuthatch, can't get over how similar to kingfishers they are - fabulous. I just crafted all day, lucky me.

Fiona said...

Terrific shots Kirsty, especially the wildlife.
Yesterday I cooked a roast dinner, sewed a badge on my Dad's shooting jacket, mowed front/back lawns and took some photo's of a phonebox (see blog)

Jane said...

Fantastic Shots Kirsty, I had a Sparrow hawk visit my Garden today and as I went running for my camera It bade my good bye :( My Daughter is starting at Cumbria Uni In Sept. shes studying BA hons in Photography, shes more of a Landscape girl. I always show her your work Fab hun xx