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17 Mar 2012

Crazy for Crochet

I'm getting way ahead of myself, you know. I knit 7 stitches for rows on end and make a scarf..........suddenly I can knit (but really, I can't.....its was fake knitting, really). And I had a go at crochet (again) but my tension on the chain stitch it utter horse crap. I still believe I can do it! Luckily, on Monday, Im meeting a friend who is going to show me some hooky moves (Hi Su!) and no doubt, after my lesson, I will be amazing. So amazing, I think I will make all of these, below!

Click on the pictures - they will take you to the places where I found the images (all Etsy!)

Look at these Ugg inspired bootees. I need a baby to make these for, who is going to have one for me?

I love this necklace, so cute for a trim too

How freaking gorgeous are these?

I really want to make these, even for me - keep my toes all toasty watching TV

Now this little fox is ca-yoooooooot

I laughed out loud at these crocheted baby sandals!

Hunting for yarn, now, because obviously I will have had all these made by next Saturday - no?

Kirsty x
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Jo-Anne said...

Told you before come here and I will teach you :) I will exchange you cadbury mini eggs for crochet lessons :)

Anonymous said...

In the words of "Brian" (Monty Python) 'You are a very, very, naughty girl' for showing me those. I looooove that necklace; but those baby boots/shoes... *heart* I need me a baby too. If you find one can we share please? :-) I can teach you basic stitches in return for a Cadbury Creme egg?
I don't know if these are any good - came across them and saved them because it's a while since I crocheted and I thought they could come in handy as reminders for me?


Sue said...

Puts my blankets/throws to shame:)

Loving the little booties.

Fiona said...

I bought some wool in a charity shop last week with the intention of starting crochet again. I learned when I was a girl but haven't picked up a hook since. Looked at 'Mollie Makes' yesterday but thought I should walk before I could run. Good luck, maybe we can spur each other on, I will show you mine if you show me yours ...! My tension is shite too.
PS all those things are gorgeous.

Dawn said...

I can knit but it hurts to I am learning to crochet too. I have no friend to teach me so I am learning through books and You Tube and it's proving very helpful. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with ;0) Love Dawn xx

susiesu said...

Hi Kirsty looking forward to Monday. Once we sort your chain out you will be away except when you find crap instructions like the Mollie Makes free crochet flower kit. Loving the crochet baby bootees especially the multi coloured ones. Too nice to give away - would just have to keep them and display them! The necklace/trim looks simple - will have a look at the instructions. C u Monday lol Susiesu xxx

-Agnes- said...

Hi Kirsty, thanks for sharing these pictures, it seems they are some lovely knitted items around if you know where to look... I'm expecting my first (a girl) for beginning of July which is probably not the season associated with some of these ultrawarm booties but then again, the little ones can't keep themselves warm, can they... and cosy feet are nice to have at any time of the year.
If you get round to making some, you could have a giveaway on your blog - I'd take part that's for sure!

Bettythebaglady said...

Kirsty-the more you do it the better it will be!I too crave a baby now after seeing those bootees which is deferably pie in the proverbial as I'm sixty blob this year!!!!

Vera said...

Everything is just soooo cute! can't those be for big girls like us too? :)

Pippa (pjbear) said...

I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, see here for details

Anonymous said...

great things! Easy to do and fun too. practical ones for everyday wear but these would be great for a special occassion wonderful ideas! can you make some with your daughter? youngsters love this sort of things nowadays thankfully crafts are coming back !

Diane Rooney Designs said...

Oooh Kirsty, thanks for this post. I've just bought another crochet pattern book and always on the look out for new patterns. Have fun learning when you see your friend! I can't knit at all but my Nan taught me to crochet when I was really little and I'm happy to stick with that at the mo.

Lisa-Jane said...

Wowzers, they are all so gorgeous! I WISH I could crochet. I have 2 babies coming into the family in August (my nieces are both due then!)

EmmGee said...

They're all soooooo sweet! Have a great meet with Su, I'll get all the news from her next week.xx