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7 Mar 2012

A coupla cards - and how I photograph them

I've finally had a chance to unwind and make two cards using some of my new pwitties from the craft even this weekend.

This first card was a thrill to bring together using a zip. My local craft shop sells them by the bajillion and in colours that would make you salivate. I knew immediately what I was going to do with them as soon as I took them to the till. I curled one half of a zip into a rose and then attached another zip to cardstock to make it appear that it will "open". I can see zips being the new doiley for me ;)

Thanks to Meiflower for the bling

This card was a focus on a Marianne design die that my Mum lent me. It was a PIG to cut out and then remove from the card sheet - I won't be in a hurry to buy this one!

Thanks to Sizzix and their amazing cutting system (the BigShot) and the Hobby House for beautiful trims.

So, how do I take my pics?
Well over the years it has varied. This is my current way. I use daylight lamps as my office has no natural daylight. So this is my desk before I set it up with just two sheets of bazzill as a backdrop.

I sometimes use black or kraft as a backdrop

It helps to have a daylight lamps in front and one behind to prevent shadows. I set my DSLR onto F8 (for a capture where most products have a good focus). ISO is usually 350 and shutter speed can vary but if you use manual, you will know how to set that. If you haven't got to grips with your camera, you can cheat and use Aperture priority on F8 and increase your ISO in increments to get it light enough. NB: Aperture priority does have a danger of blowing your whites.

If all else fails, take it in automatic OR if you have a point and shoot, just take your flash OFF (flash totes ruins a card as it creates unnecessary shadows and flattens the detail).

Hope that helps x

Kirsty x
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Deb said...

huge help thanks Kirsty, going to order me some daylight lamps! I even know what you are talking about thanks to your fabby course!

Deb said...

forgot to say how amazing your cards were, love the zips, very clever!

Anonymous said...

Love the cards - especially the zip rose... 'tis why you are the designer and I'm the "hanger-on-with-her-tongue-hanging-out-at-your-creativeness" person. :-D
Thanks too for the great photographing tips.

Debo said...

Beautiful cards, the zips are wonderful! (I'm loving that leaf paper!)
I would LOVE to understand your camera-speak but am a mere point-and-shoot person! I did understand the bit about black card though, so I will try that ;)

(apparently the trick for detailed dies is to use a piece of greaseproof paper which acts as a release! You might not want to try this cos if it works you'll be wanting more dies!!!)

Judi said...

Thanks for the tip Kirsty, just put daylight bulb on my shopping list and then I can take pics of my cards using my new found photographic skills - thanks to your fab online course! Lovely cards - love the colours of those zips xx

PS Anyone thinking of doing Kirsty's online photography course - don't hesitate sign up for the next one (I think it's this month) you won't regret it!

Huguenot Girl said...

Love, love those zips - amazing! Thanks for the photography tips too! Nx

Helen said...

Wow, the card with the zips is amazing. Great tips for photos, thanks, I'll be trying the back drop part next time I take a piccie :)

Jaki Morris said...

Woman, you're a mind reader! I have two cards to photog right now and this tip will help, although I don't have any day light lamps.

Love the zips, they certainly are becoming the in thing. I have loads , or rather I had loads but swapped them for other stuff recently!

I will second Judi's comments about Kirsty's photog course and I shall also be promoting it on my blog today. Wedenesdays always attract a big audience because it's WOYWW!!


Sue said...

Loving both cards, but the zip is just fabby.

Thanks for tips on photographing, as I always seem to get the light too bright.

Redanne said...

Great zips and great tips Kirsty. I have some Memory Box dies that are a pig too (but sooo worth it) and I run around the inside with a tumble dryer sheet, it helps a little.

Brenda G said...

Bloomin' genius! LOVE the cards, Kirsty, you never fail to amaze with your creativity. The daylight lamps are ace, I have two and wouldn't want to be without them now. xx

Clarky J said...

Thanks for the tips Kirsty I'm naff at taking my pics so this is a big help. Love how you have used the zips too!

susiesu said...

the cards are stunning Kirsty and love the leaf paper. The zip opening looks fab. Thanks for the tips on taking photos of our cards - daylight bulbs now on shopping list. Just need to work out how toturn flash off on 'point and shoot' camera!!! happy crafting Susies xxx

Ann said...

If you wipe over the die (For The Marianne Die Cut Card)with a cheapo tumble drier sheet it will stop all the fiddly bits sticking in and come out easyly. I know this works as I have the same die.

Ann said...

If you wipe over the die (For The Marianne Die Cut Card)with a cheapo tumble drier sheet it will stop all the fiddly bits sticking in and come out easyly. I know this works as I have the same die.

Barbara said...

Your zip is fab, what a brilliant way to use them. I cheat and buy the zipper roses from Sam Poole but love how you have used them. Your card are lovely!!!

Barbara said...

P.S Kirsty

What paper is that on the last two cards?

Bumblebee said...

Love the zips, would never have thought of that, and the paper on the last card is amazing, where's it from?

Craftilicious said...

Loving the zipper front - genius!

I have that Marrion die and struggled with it too until I got one of the thin metal shims. Makes all the marion dies and some other's I'd given up on work sooooo much better. HTH.

Fiona said...

Ziptastic card, what an original idea. I take my card snaps the same way with daylight bulb, (I only have one though.)

Nikbee said...

I love the cards. The zip idea is fantastic!
Nikki x

Lisa-Jane said...

That card is zipadee doo dah! LOVE it!

Shazza said...

Wow Kirsty those are fab tips on how to photograph your makes. A very untidy table for backdrop does not make for good pics x x x

Carole Z said...

Amazing cards Kirsty, especially loving the zips :) Carole Zx

Vicky said...

Beautiful cards as always Kirsty. Thanks for the photo tips. I've tried the black background with a mainly white card - much better!
PS: When you on QVC next?