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7 Mar 2012

Blogging from my bed

I'm so tired today, majorly maxed out. I flumped at 8.30pm, woke up at 10pm, had a super milky frothy coffee and came to the comfort of my bed to round the night off at 10.30pm. This is a record!!!! I usually go to bed around 2am.

Today has been very special though. I met my lovely friend Joanne at Ikea to meet up, shop and erm, knit. As their cafe has free coffee refills, good lighting and spacious tables; it was a fabulous place to conduct stitchy business away from home.

Joanne and I? We just get along, you know?. No explanations; we just do. Anything and everything should be our motto. And today I promised to show her how to knit one of those scarves that I blogged about last week. I'm no knitting guru, though, I admit that I'm practically utter horse crap at it but I feel the thrill of spreading the knitting love is a gift of immense friendship.

The yarn I've been using is called Wendy frills. It's £8 a ball and takes one ball to make a scarf. You don't properly cast-on, it's kind of looped-on and you loop 7 loops (which become stitches). Then you just knit into the loops and continue to'ing and fro'ing until you almost reach the end of the yarn. Then you cast off. Pips.

If you recall, I mentioned that I struggled a little (mainly cos it's the first time I've properly knitted - espesh without my mum to help my catch dropped stitches). But Joanne? My goodness, she caught in really quick. I was well jeal.

Before long (2.5 hours) we had to put our knitting away to shop plus I had to get back to meet belles from college. Jo had managed about 8 rows which wasn't far behind me! I invited Joanne back to ours for late lunch and a craft session. We made the card at the foot of this post. I've made it before but this time we used diff colours. Plus I used the iPhone to take the picture of it ...... It's such a good quality camera; more so than some basic point and shoots.

I had a simply love day coupled with a happy girl who came home, from college, with a lovely project from college plus a hubby who did all the dishes after I sliced my thumb open on my scissors (thanks to nurse Joanne for not balking at my blood spurting!)

Too much fun equals a sleepy Kirsty. I hope there will be lots more fun days like this to come.

First picture is my pink knits, second pic is Joanne's first purplish row.


susiesu said...

Congratulations on teaching Joanne how to knit. I am def going to have to buy some of that yarn. Glad you both had such a wonderful day, knitting, knattering, shopping and crafting all with a lovely friend - sounds like heaven! love the card you both made lol susiesu xxx

Nicki said...

Sounds like you had a fab day.
Lurve the knitting and absolutely love the card.

Sue said...

Always nice to catch up with friends.

Loving the card.

Jaki Morris said...

The wonder of the internet bringing people together.

Should I knit a scarf? No!

Hope your injury isn't craft threatening

Take care

Redanne said...

Loving that purple scarf too and your card is amazing.

SpookysCraftyMess said...

Brilliant Kirsty and welcome to my world, Kirsty in bedland this is a lovely little pappern that could be added to many things. big hugs and luv Barbara in bedland xxx

SpookysCraftyMess said...

whoops sorry that should read pattern xx

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have had a great time, apart from injuring yourself! Thanks for the info on the wool, I bought some and it arrived today - one turquoise scarf almost completed. You are starting a trend! Fab card too. Michelle x x
P.S Fab YouTube tutorial for Frills. I came across it at

Lisa-Jane said...

I was telling my mum all about this wool this morning and she wants some. I'm sure she thought I was mad when I tried to describe it! Thanks for the name, I shall get her some. Gorge card by the way (just linking you in to my card post, thank you for your inspiration!)