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4 Mar 2012

A bit of craft shopping

There was a craft event in Leigh, today. As its practically on my doorstop, I thought it would have been rude not to go and have a look. And besides, my friends were popping along too. So if anything, I knew I'd enjoy the natter.

I bought some gorgeous little bits and pieces including kraft cardstock (which you can't see). Ive found a beautiful little craft stall called The Hobby House, too. It was heavenly.
The day went far too fast and so did my spending money. **sniff sniff**

But, I was in my own sweet little element, though. After 6 months of being a "bloated bertha" since lapsing on my diet last year, this weeks gluten and carb free shenanigans has afforded me back into my jeans. I'm that sensitive to carbs that by just cutting them out, I have a significant weight loss in my first week. The thing is, the next few weeks will be a tad tough. I keep saying over and over "Let's do this thing". Here's hoping......

Here is my lovely friend Angie and Julies hubby, Joe. Conveniently, Julie was taking the picture and Joanne (our other friend) was lost in a sea of stamps at Little Claire's. I bumped into lots of freinds and co-demonstrators including my lovely freind Marie **smooches**
My feet were on fire after having a good old rummage and before long, we were at the local supermarket cafe enjoying a well deserved coffee and a bite to eat. I love my new crafty friends; they're just the right age group who take life easy with a sprinkling of laughter.

When I got home it was a lovely, crisp evening. Mark and I have been walking the dog on extended journeys so we wrapped up and took him for a gorgeously long walk. I loved the golden hour light and took this picture. I don't even think I like the subject but I love the light on the water. I wish I could live in this colour light forever.


I was hoping to get creative after dinner tonight (with all my lovely new pretties) but I've a mountain of work to finish off. I hope to squeeze in some creativity tomorrow although by the looks of things, I could be in for the long haul on the computer. That's because I've recently had 5 Diamond Jubilee Cards been approved to go on sale (Internationally) to a potential 90 million customers. I'm not sure if I can say whom its with just yet but lets just say that this special commission is an honour and a bit flipping fantastic.

**claps hands with glee**

Rightio, gotta fly. I've got Eddy the ginger caped warrior needing a stroll around the garden before bed time.

Kirsty x
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Sue said...

Nice new crafting stash.

Hope you get crafting for fun soon.

Sue Abbott said...

The Hobby House is fab, I'm lucky to have it on my doorstep. In fact I worked there when it first opened. They have some lovely 'stash' x

Julie Kearney said...

Had a fantastic day Kirsty, was good for nothing when I got home!! That photo is amazing and can't wait to see your cards for sale in the shops
Love the Convenient Photo take (aka Julie) x x x

Julia said...

Really gutted I missed the fair but am away with some scrappers. Lovely photo and well done on the cards! Awesome!!!

Jaki Morris said...

Loving the look of the tree. It needs to be planted next to some Gonad trees methinks

Love that wheel of pins I spied amongst your stash


Redanne said...

Oooh like the look of those BoBunny papers! Well done on the cards - you clever girl.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lovely new stash! Good to read you are finding a new tribe of easy going, fun crafters. Have fun creating! And congratulations on the comission.

susiesu said...

Have doiley envy especially the pink ones!!! Glad you had a great day with the Crafters Refuge gang. Congratulations on the card commission you deserve it. And keep u with the 'no bread' as you look positively glowing so much so that I am thinking of giving up bread too lol Susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

Exciting news about your cards!!
Impressive Kirsty!! Carole

Debo said...

What lovely goodies! I love The Hobby House,too, I found them at Stamperama. I've to wait til April 14th for my next craft show - the Big Stamp Show at Ally Pally - it seems a long way off. Maybe I should try and use up what I've got in the meantime! (Well, just USE some of what I've got!)

Can't wait to hear more on your exciting - not to mention impressive! - news!!!