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27 Mar 2012

Bad perms and other things

Between 1983 and 1988 my hair was either frizzy permed or permed-and-growing-out or grown out and then re-permed. Wow - we were so fashionable. Only this particular perm was done by a "Boyfriend at the time's Mum" (who really didn't like me because I was a common northerner - her words, not mine). She thought it was a GREAT idea to frizz up my head on top of highlighted hair. How was I supposed to know that it was a big no-no, at the time, to perm directly after highlighted hair? I only agreed as she was doing it for free and a free perm was a saving of £24 back in those days!

To my horror, when the perm was set , washed and dried, my hair looked like a haystack-cum-candy floss. I immediately dumped my boyfriend and went out to buy dye for my hair kind of tame it a little. And, ahem - this was the result.

I mean, I'm not bitter about it. I think she did me a huge favor of forcing me to dump her son. I seem to recall having the BEST summer that fateful year and all without him!!!!! Hooray for bad perms! And the extreme close up is a real treat for you, here..........

I made this layout using my March and Feb Scrapagogo kit which Ive just received. I haven't paper scrapped for a while and tonight, as Mark is away in France with his students, I had free reign to do what the hell I liked in the house. Ellie and I are having a blast. For a start off, the remote is OURS. To choose which channel we so dearly wish to change without a moan and a groan. ITS FANTASTIC! Go to France more often, please...... tee hee.

With my leftover kraft card stock (Cut from 12x12, I used 8.5x11 for the layout and the excess strip is perfect for cards), I whizzed this little number up to accompany a small parcel I'm sending out tomorrow.

Ive got a few places left for my online photography course, starting next Friday. Read all about it here if you are wanting to get shifting with that DSLR. Whether you are a novice or trying to get out of Aperture Priority - I'll get you to Manual in 4 easy lessons over 4 weeks.

Kirsty x
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Patricia Rodriguez said...

Oh good memories! I've had my "bad perm" in 1984...I wanted the Flashdance look and ended up with the Diana Ross look! lol

Anonymous said...

:-D Oh memories! That looks like my hair through the 70's. 80's and 90's - without the bad perms or highlights. My hair is like a bottle of lemonade that you've shaken and then released the lid...... Then came the "naughties", a new hairdresser who introduced me to hair straighteners, short hair and hair dye. I loved that hairdresser. lol
My MIL called me a "Northerner" like it was an insult. Fortunately her son didn't like her either, and married me anyway! :-)
I love the look of the Kraft card. I think I may have to go and dig in my stash and see what I can find and make. TFS.

Carole Z said...

Oh sweet memories! I remember going in for a curly perm and ending up with an afro of sorts! I met my mum and my auntie for lunch after leaving the hairdressers and they walked right past me!

karen said...

ha ha that could of very easily be me in that photo, why is it the hairdresser transformed our words spiral perm into ball off fizz, the sad thing was we did it again and again. great page and card, enjoy your peace while it lasts lol
karen x

Nancy Wyatt said...

Loved this post! Boy do I have some bad perm memories!! ha! Great layout and card!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!! I think "Frizz, Frizz, it's all Frizz!" was my most used phrase in the 80s/early 90s - Did we ever learn?? Love the layout and card! Thanks for starting my day with a smile!
Love Nina B xxx

Anonymous said...

I too had a 'bad perm' in 1984. It was so bad I had it done again!!
I had thick, straight hair and I looked like a poodle/Brian May.

I also once had blonde highlights in my dark brown hair, which went green in the sun. I dyed it with brown and it went ginger. Attractive!!

Sue said...

Oh yes, I remember the days when I worked and thought it more economical to have my hair permed, as it lasted for ages.

Lovely card.

Dawn said...

What a fantastic story! I remember my first perm in the 80s I was so pleased to be finally getting one as mum said they were SO expensive so a trainee did mine mmmmm tightest frizziest perm ever!!!!

I love the LO and its a great memory although I can imagine how horrified you were at the time. I cried over mine and fained illness not to go to school all alas for nothing Mum made me go, imagine 14 going to high school... the ridicule ha ha

Love Dawn xx

Bumblebee said...

I love the layout Kirst and the card is so cute with your circle cutout and hearts! thankfully my mum was very protective of my lovely red hair and would never let me colour or do anything to it!

susiesu said...

Those were the days hey of home perms!!!! What memories??? Love your layout and the card - someone is going to be very lucky to receive it.
Enjoy ownership of the remote while you can. lol Susiesu xxx