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19 Mar 2012

ATC Swap - March

This month I chose a colour I normally despise working with - lilac. I know it can look pretty but I always get it wrong. So, to try and make this work, I made my own shade of pink to match - if that makes sense? Using my Jo Sonja's finest paint I concocted this lilacky shade of pink and instead of my "go for" silver embellies, I plumed for gold.

Close up of my lilackiness

I hope Lynn liked her ATC as much as I actually enjoyed making them (despite lilac being v v tricky to handle!) PS: I make two - One for me and one for the next recipient on my ATC swap.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay. If you are a mum, I hope you had a lovely mothers day. I spent most of the day with Ellie, on my own and it was just heaven. Then it was time to roast (with what felt like) an entire hog for my In-laws. Here are some snapshots of our day:

Me and my sweet little love bucket

New slips for Mothers day which I BOUGHT!!! Tee hee (Sainsburys, £6 just in are you are wondering, Very Cath Kidston-ish). They are very comf.
I wore my Dachshund neck-ly, a nod towards my baby boy!

Ells and I baked and cooked and roasted and boiled and stirred the dinner. Here I am, straining a smile (gettit? - Man, I suck at puns!). My smile shaped strainer actually makes me smile (Asda, £2.49 - get yourself some happy!)

And that was the sum of my very lovely Mothers Day.

Kirsty x
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Scrapstars said...

Love the lilac and pink ATC's i too struggle with Lilac and purple in general, wonder why? Happy Mothers Day. x

Anonymous said...

Glad you like making ATC's. Somehow they have become less popular in my circles but many still love them and when done so well they are great little pieces of art work. Lovely day with your daughter. Special memories and pics to keep for when she is older too. Does she make cards with you or even for you ? Sure she must be filled to the brim with inspiration by now!

Sue said...

Fab ATCs.

Glad you had a lovely Mothers Day.

Redanne said...

Love the ATC's, great pics and the slippers, well they are so cool (I can't believe I used that word - at my age!).

Anonymous said...

That is such a gorgeous photo of you and Ellie.

Fiona said...

Fabby photo of you and Belles, love your new hair colour too.

Lisa-Jane said...

Fab pics hun and your strainer made me smile!

Anonymous said...

You are so very photogenic Kirsty, the photos are lovely.

Angela Weimer said...

Fabulous ATC's. Love everything about them. looks like you had a great mothers day. Angela