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5 Feb 2012

Yeep! We're twapped!

I took a risk driving to my mums from Leeds this evening. What normally takes 1.5 hours took three. But it was worth the death defying snow storms and near hedge encounters!

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I think we could be trapped here. Which is good cos I get mummy cuddles the whole time.

Wrap up, stay safe, leave food for the birdies and check on the old folk x


Sue said...

You stay safe and warm.

Jaki Morris said...

There are times when I 'dislike' living by the sea! Today is one of them.

Annie said...

I decided to stay in Leeds! x

Bettyann said...


susiesu said...

Glad you both arrived safely at your Mum's. The snow looks amazing - have none here in Bristol lol susiesu xxx