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18 Feb 2012

Small substrates

Ive recently joined an ATC swap group on Facebook. There are 24 of us split into two groups. The group I am in sends the next person on the list an ATC. The next month we send the 2nd person on the list a swap and so on - for a whole year. I love ATC's. Small spaces that can command big work. Im waiting to receive my ATC but this is one of the ATC's that I sent to my next girl. I made one extra for myself so that I will end up with 24 little beauties come next January.

and I wrapped it up in string and sent it lovingly on its way like this:

Today I had to go for an eye test. I haven't been since 2008. I am supposed to wear glasses for reading even though my prescription was literally tiny. But since November last year, I have been really struggling to focus plus I have had the most rotten migraines. I knew it was my eyesight and finally I took an appointment today. Needless to say I have to wear glasses all the bloody time now. Not that Im really fussed but its a case of "getting used to it" and admitting that Im getting old! I used to work in an opticians years ago and already knew that from the age of 40, peoples eyesight starts to diminish. So I wasn't really surprised.

I bought these frames for my readers (just waiting on getting my distance an NO! I do not want either bi or varifocals). Don't you just love the sauciness of French Connection UK branding? Its enough to make my Granny swivel in her grave. I am picturing being stood in the queue at our local post office and all the pensioners gawping and gasping. Naughty, really but actually - not so much ;)

Whilst I was at the opticians I had x-ray style photos taken of my eyes. The optician told me that I must go and see my doctor in relation to that. I think I know what it is but its not dangerous. Just a little unsettling. Other than that, the health of my eyes are good. And Im glad, cos I totes rely on these organs so that I can smother my babies with kisses and admire the beauty of them whilst they remain focused!

Taken last night, its a bit dark - sorry. You might be able to make out my two sticky, toffee puds.

And lastly, I'll leave you with a quote. Ive used Rhonna's amazing brushes and fonts to make this truly thought provoking quote. The message I glean from this is that walking away gracefully is key. It's a wonderfully sobering experience....... take it from me.
Its a mantra we should all adhere to - imagine if the world stood by this?
**wow, I want to live in that world so bad!**

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

Those glasses really suit you. And I don't know anyone who's had an eye test in the last couple of years who hasn't been told by the optician to go to see their GP! And not one of them have anything wrong!
Love the ATC; like the way you've used the corrugated card on them, and cute quote. I'm loving your quotes that you've been sharing. Thank you. And even cuter photo of sticky toffee puddings! LOL

Anonymous said...

guess we all know eyesight deteriorates so go get that appt asap with you dr!
Lovely pics ...Amazing isnt it how little ones sleep anywhere! Mine are at the stage now of being in their teens and wanting to be up at all hours! 15/16 + and thinking they can burn the candle at both ends and study.....NO!!! When she reaches the GCSE and pressure pressure pressure of essays and boyfriends and parties and hormones and all its not so cute so make the most of the joys of having little ones and the excellent ability to sleep! :)

Redanne said...

Fabulous ATC's, great idea to swop like that. Love the quote and photo and really like you in glasses. I think opticians are just worried to cover themselves, I got sent to the hospital but everything was perfectly normal.

Fiona said...

Love your new bins. Eyesight problems are nature's way of being kind to us, so when we look in the mirror we can't see how old we look.
Great snap of Eddie and Ellie.

Cyndi said...

Kirsty, you really suit glasses. As for the referral to your doctor, I was sent because of blood pressure. It's snacking what the eyes can tell you.

Debo said...

I finally had to concede to ...(whisper it) ...v a r I f o c a l s last year. I'm so pleased that I did - and, unlike bifocals, NO-ONE ELSE KNOWS!!! it's no use me having 2 pairs of glasses- I'd always lose the other pair ;)

Beautiful photo. My 'little ones' could always sleep anywhere when they were in their teens!

Jaki Morris said...

You look kinnda geeky in a good way in them! I just look like my sister in mine!

Wish I was in your ATC swap group!

Have a great weekend


Terrie B x said...

Hi beauts:) `Your ATC`s are how you used your mask!I might have to nick that one and have a go!!lol....
It`s been a while but it`s always a pleasure to catch up!loves to all! x
Enjoy your weekend.:) x

Barbara said...

You really suit those glasses, they make you look intellectual! I was the same as you and couldnt focus on small print after having perfect eyesight for 47 years. Have to wear reading glasses and now have Dry eye which is not very pleasant condition.
Love your ATCs but love Eddie even more, those two look so cute together!!!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Kirsty can't believe you've left it so long to get your eyes checked naughty, naughty (my finger is wagging at you - lol). Mind you I hated it when I had to wear glasses all the time... but you do get used to it.. and now I'm in my 40's my eye's changing again and yep last year I had to get varifocals I resisted it for a couple of years, but now I've got them I'm pleased no faffing with two sets of glasses so would recommend.... Anyway hope the other thing you've got to see the Dr about turns out to be OK.

Love your new specs BTW.


Alix said...

loving the new glasses...mine nearly have a rude word on them too ;0)

Alix said...

forgot to that quote...i want to live in that happy safe world too :0)!!