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23 Feb 2012

Reunited and buttons winner

I went to pick Belles up from my mums tonight. I brought poochy with me. This boy misses his girl and vice versa. And so now the Eddy sammich is complete; with Belles and I being the bread. Or in his case, the buns. Tee hee.

Also, I have a winner for the buttons giveaway. Drum roll please...............
The winner of the candy buttons is:
Fiona from this blog here

Ellie used her choosy pointy finger whilst her feet were being washed by poochy's slobbering tongue!

Fiona? Mail me your details hunny bee x


Jaki Morris said...

Yay Fee Fee is a winner.

Glad you have been reunited with your loves.

Have a great time at your Ma's


Ruth said...

Hi Kirsty, this is a real picture of contentment!
I hope you're feeling a lot better now and getting your voice back. It was so lovely to meet you at NEC.
I just wish there had been a little more time to talk. I enjoyed my Aquamarkers lesson :)and
I'm hoping to get a waterbrush today to get on with it properly. Thanks for the goodies too - very much appreciated.
Do you mind if I post the photo of us which David took on my blog later today when I do a post? Not your standard of photography but we're recognisable !!
Have a lovely day whatever you're doing, Ruth x

Ruth said...

PS ...A Passion for Cards
is the blog where you'll find me most often

Ruth x

Redanne said...

Ahhh, how lovely - so sweet.

Anonymous said...

hello, sadly a friends daughter has parvo virus ..vets said it is rife atm ...take care esp as your little girl is cuddling your dogs is potentially fatal and at best causes serious illness and disability. Cuddling a dog, allowing it anywhere near your face , allowing it to lick you anywhere but esp on or near face or hands is a HUGE risk. also must use gloves to clear up faeces and do not ever allow anybody to touch it near its bottom unless you want to risk illness, disability or worse. friends child been in ICU and fighting to stay alive all because of being allowed to cuddle a dog and its bottom!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" I'm sure Kirsty is a responsible dog-owner who has wormed and vaccinated her dog and taught her daughter how to treat an animal and to wash hands after handling her pet.

Debo said...

"Anonymous" - you know how to spoil a beautiful post! I think your name (if EVER you admit to one!) should be GlassHalfEmpty!

Judi said...

Anon you really shouldn't go scaremongering unless you know what you are talking about - humans cannot contract Parvo virus from a dog. Maybe if you stroked an animal once in a while it would soften your outlook on life and the responsibility of pet ownership would give you less time to write such twaddle (for want of a better word) on Kirsty's blog.

Wonderful moment captured forever Kirsty - long may you all enjoy cuddling your boy xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Hands up how many of us are thinking "Anonymous, kiss my arse!" ?