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8 Feb 2012

Nice and easy

Today was my 41st Birthday.
I took it nice and easy with a cutch from Belles before school, a little me time and then lunch out with my lovely friend, Beth. Beth, who I may add, is expecting for the second time and whom Im expecting to get loads of cuddles with when the little one is born. I feel protective of Beth and even more now that she is in the family way. She brought along her son, Josiah - boy, does he melt my little old heart. I could cry the way he runs up to me and cuddles me for no reason

This is what she brought for me when she came to pick me up. I can't possibly eat it, its too beautiful although I did let Josiah scrape some butter cream from the top to give him a 5 second hit!

We then went out for a nice bite - cranberry and proper turkey sandwiches - delish!

And was tempted with these but Josiah and I plummed for a mini pavlova and we shared it beautifully.

Meringues are technically egg white so fat free. Fruit, cos it was ....well, you know - FRUIT and the cream had no calories in it because you don't get calories on your birthday.

Poor little Josiah had a terrible incident in the bistro as there was a naughty little boy going around smacking, biting and nipping other children. I WAS MORTIFIED. Josiah had been pinched through his clothes and right through to his skin - its left a terrible mark on him.
Oh I almost sobbed to see him suffering so much anguish. Children are cruel sometimes. But it was nothing that Mummy Beth's cuddles couldn't cure.

Before long it was time for the minx to return from school. I let her open my presents and cards from the day because its so much better for her to enjoy the surprise as much as I. I have been very spoiled with the mini nick-nacks that I wanted. Mainly socks, scarves, dress jewellery, iTunes tokens etc. Mark wasn't long home after that and we didn't venture out. Its too cold and unnecessarily expensive to eat out as a family these days. A simple Indian take out was just the ticket and Ellie even had an adult portion.

I got a call late this evening from Ellie's connexions team. Ive got to say the connexions team have been so good with a recent upheaval in the plans for starting college this september. We have got an almighty battle about gettingtransport to college as they expect her to catch the bus but its half a mile to the relevant bus stop. The things that frighten me with this is that
A: Ellie has NEVER left the house ever in her life for a distance of 2oo metres; even more so on her OWN. She hasn't got the strength to walk this distance let alone with a heavy school bag and especially if it was a windy day, she is so underweight, she'd get blown over!
B: She cannot self propel her wheelchair, she has no strength.
C: She is vulnerable. If anyone went up to her and said "Your mum has been in an accident, come with me" - she totally would go. This scares the hell out of me.

But it seems that the authority might not be able to provide her with the appropriate transport to get to college so it could look like that, on days when I'm away working, I will have to fund £20 return in taxi fares to get her to college. The bus is peanuts in comparison to catch and fuel for me is about £1.50 as it is - BUT £20?
I'm going out of my mind on this.
She is NOT ready to learn to walk this distance independently
Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?

I thought Id round the day off by unwinding in my little old room listening to Lana Del Rey (my new fave purchase). Ive come up with this little number using lush ribbons from Fantastic Ribbons. The whale stamp is from Stampin Up and the boat was made from the new banner punch too

Ok, the part's over and my special day is 366 days away - providing the Mayans were wrong and we all don't get blown to smithereens in Dec 2012.

Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...

look here too for direct payment and other it now and get the assessments and paper work in place ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect Birthday. Glad you enjoyed it.
Keep trying with the local authority to start with - they are all having to cut back and seem to be funding transport only for those who need it, with the most annoying parents.. :-) Ask them to justify turning Ellie down? Does she get DLA? If not get an application in for that - sounds like she should be on the highest rates for care and mobility - that would help with taxis' if you need to use them. Or maybe you could employ someone on an Ad-Hoc basis to get her to college on the days you can't be there? Wouldn't necessarily be cheaper than a taxi but she could feel more comfy with a regular someone? (My DS still won't get in a taxi alone!) I hope you can get something sorted soon. Jude.x

D@nielle said...

sounds like a great bday with yummy treats, good company and great gifts as it should be XOXOXO. Hope you get the transport sorted for Ellie !

Alison Horne said...

Yumm where was that cake fest? Happy Birthday Kirsty.Am no expert but sounds like Ellie should get transport. Probably best to emphasise her physical needs, as these can't be argued with and dismissed as you being over protective. Which I am sure you are not, but professionals sometimes err on the side of young people having independance and you know your daughter and her needs best. xx

Sue said...

Fab card.

With regards Elles, make sure you are getting all the benefits she is entitled to. Appeal against this stupid decision and if all else fails and you have to be paying out, how about employing someone to take her to and from college?

Avril Ann said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday Kirsty, hope you get help, regarding Ellie. Love your card also xx

Julie Kearney said...

Kirsty, can you argue that they're not meeting Ellie's needs by not providing transport, get advce from welfare rights and also badger your local MP! x

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty, hope you manage to get help with Ellie's transport. I love 'Video Games'

Anonymous said...

employing someone should be through a direct payment assessed situ help via info given in 1st post link and seek your MP out today and insist on meeting with all the facts. get any paper info eg her medical records [ apply for a copy asap] ot reports, dla decisions and anything else and write a full non emotional eg she is the best daughter in the world does not help this - facts only. send it to your MP and whoever had made this decision. she needs enablers and asap..she is 16 and should not be reliant on MUM, She needs to be able to go out, make friends, have a social life and seek friendships and relationships - an enabler will allow her to begin to do this , opening up worldly life and supporting her as she faces reality and normnal peer group life, going to the pub, clubs, others homes and college will all be possible for her with enablers and she needs it! and soon! to get to college they will come and meet her when SHE says she needs them and take her where SHE SAYS she needs to be and enable her to make decisions she should and can be making as a 16 year old wheelchair or not! good luck

Debo said...

Everything fell into place for my nephew, I hope it all works out for you and your lovely Ellie! It CAN happen, just keep fighting!

susiesu said...

Glad you had such a great Birthday. Where is that dessert/cake shop???? Sorry it was spoilt by the transport for Ellie despute. Hope it all works out for you and Ellie. Why is it that the genuine people who need help dont get it or have to fight so hard for it and others shall be call them 'scroungers' seem to know every trick in the book to get all the benefits. love the card lol susiesu xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday (apart from that naughty child, where on earth was its mother?!) Hope Ellie gets her transport sorted - everything is such a battle all the time isn't it, you must be worn out! xx

Elaine said...

MP's and the college should be able to help...we couldn't get transport for ours once - the local papers were very very helpful and surprise, surprise we had transport the very next day !!!! Good luck...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 'naughty little boy' has autism!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Autistic children don't nip, bite or punch other children in front of their "caring" mothers. Mothers of my autistic children would run to apologise over such incidents, not sit there and drink beer.