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1 Feb 2012

My month

I own February. Its my month. Well, its my birthday month. Its a cold month. A short month. The month of love. It snares half the Aquarians. Its half term month. Its the month before year end. Its the month a passed my HGV course on. Its the month Mark wanted to ask to "marry me" but we had to wait a week so he could ask my Dad first (in the March) - but technically it was February. Um.... that's it. But its mine. Today started so beautifully. But if today had of been yesterday, it kind of wouldn't have. I intend to keep February fog free and fabulous.

PLUS! Every day in February I am joining in with #FebPhotoADay. And today's topic was "Your View". And this was me - lazy cowsville. The view I had whilst lounging and slurping tea. And I loved it. Ellie has college on a wednesday and so is picked up from home. I don't have to get dressed. This makes me very happy!

And to start February off with a bit of crafty cheer, here is a puurty little card, waiting to go to that special someone
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That special someone could be YOU!

**edited to add**
Here is a good old peek at my new stamps coming to QVC through Personal Impressions ....for lil boys
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Kirsty x
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susiesu said...

Enjoy February Kirsty especially as it is your month. l love your carpet. Purple and green two fav colours. The card is beautiful as always - what is the red part made of? Is it fabric? Tried to get throuh to speak to you on Monday but they said there were 'no opportunities to speak to the presenter'. lol susiesu xxx

Jane said...

I call dibs on February too!! Its my Birthday month!! Day after Valentines so I get two days of being spoilt :) And this year my Daughter has interviews for uni,one every week this month, its so exciting!! Love the card, as always. And its good to see you do actually "chill" have a great Feb xxx

Tracey said...

Wishing you a fab and fantastic fun filled and fogless february honey Can I please just have the 14th, just one day, you can have the rest lol, take care - ps love the card and the stamps are scrummy xxx

Anonymous said...

That red stuff is gawjuss-where did you get it?????

Birdie said...

Lovely card Kirsty - may have to 'borrow' that when I manage to find that embossing folder!!

Lisa-Jane said...

I want those stamps!

mckinkle said...

Glad you can share Kirsty! Or we'd all be down to 11 months in the year!

Those stamps look amazing! Cant wait to see them!

Keryn x

Jackie said...

Love love February as well, cos it's my birthday today, yipee................

Love that card Kirsty, is it paper or embossed?

Anonymous said...

sorry you are ill. hope Feb gets better and you can be up and dressed and up and about again soon