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15 Feb 2012

If i lived my life by quotes.....

........I'd find it easy to convey my thoughts and feelings so much easier than umming, ahhhing, coughing and spluttering to find JUST the right words. Commnication, in the written word can be dangerously misinterpreted, especially if poor grammar is apparent. So you can imagine that, when I find such quotes, Im overwhelmed by their meaning. Its like putting a little worry to bed because the quote explained it to me so well.

Take these new foundlings of mine - some true, some funnies, some cheeky. Tell me which ones resonated with you. By the way, the quotes are not a veiled attack nor do they reflect how I feel right now but they may help anyone who is trying to figure a few things out.

This one makes me breathe:

Jaki sent me this, I love it so. BTW, my tongue is made of fluffy pillows so that words come out softly.

Oh my, ain't this the truth?

We all should say this as a mantra at the end of the day:

Walk before you run:

Let go, my god - sometime people need to let go:

ugh, this made me weep:

Walking away gracefully:
I could identify with this from many walks of life, in my life:

Im fine - the words you say when you are clearly not:

And now for the Ying to the Yang:

Finally, a post isn't a post without a sweet little project. Here is a birthday card for a very special someone:

I used October Afternoon papers from 383473673 years ago along with Tonic Studio Border punch, Mei Flower bling and craftwork cards greetings

Kirsty x
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Nicki said...

Very bright and cheerful card Kirsty.

Anonymous said...

What lovely quotes. I think I make have to just print out the whole post today; so many I can fit into my life right now that could help me feel better/think more carefully! :-) TFS
Gorgeous card too - I'm going to have to make real life friends with you somehow, so that you send me one like that.... :-D

Tina said...

I love the one about the glass tongue, I know a few people I could send that too!

Sue said...

Great quotes.

Fabby card.

Mrs F said...

'Walking away gracefully' is one l defo need to practise!

Great card Kirsty xxx

PS. Thanks for dropping by my blog, it made me very happy!

Claire said...

ahh kirsty these mad me laugh, I'm addicted to quotes and have loads around the house, my favourite is in my little girls room which says "scatter kindness". c x

Jaki Morris said...

I liked the Adam and Eve one and the dinosaur one made me snort!
When I worked at a college they used to have cool postcards with quotes on, one which I still have today says:
Koalas; kinky little buggers


Sharon said...

The one about the grudge is so true. Someone hurt my daughter emotionally 5 years ago and he is still in my head, as you say rent-free, waiting for when I can give him his come uppance. I've just realised such a waste of time and effort. Going to channel my energies in to something more positive. Thank you.

Dianne said...

Thank you for this, I love quotes. The first one is my favourite but I do like them all. Dianne.

Birdie said...

Brilliant quotes Kirsty... funny, poignant and true!! Nice summery card too xx

Judi said...

Great quotes, thanks for sharing. I love the one about dinner being in the recipe book. I might have to use that instead of what I usually say - 'No I can't smell cooking either!'

Redanne said...

Great quotes. I love the "strong girl" one as it reminds me how I cope with my progressive illness. Thank you Kirsty, it has really cheered me up! The card is gorgeous, someone will be very happy the day they receive it.

susiesu said...

Thanks for sharing the quotes with us Kirsty. The third one is similar to one from Oscar Wilde

Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go!

and that was written between 1854-1900!!!!!

Beautiful card someone is very lucky. lol susiesu xxx

Anonymous said...

Oooooh Kirsty, the first one made me cry... I'm recovering from a nasty accident.. These words will inspire me... Thank you for finding it..
Love helen xxx

angie's blogspot said...

Hi chick, thanks for the quotes, they helped me calm down xx

Jenne said...

Love those quotes Kirsty. I love finding quotes that just explain everything so simply and so powerfully at the same time. I love the grudge one. I may need to eat some humble pie.....

Fiona said...

Great quotes Kirsty and a scorching card.

the crafty duck said...

Hi Kirsty, just found your blog those quotes are great and I may be keeping several in mind at the moment!! Your card is gorgeous too, love Stephi

Lisa-Jane said...

So many wise words, if only I could really take them in!

Debo said...

Love the quotes! I need to remember to 'walk away gracefully' - I may need to tattoo that quote on my wrist!!
I love finding quotes, too, some people just have a knack of saying something amazing in one sentence!

I can agree with the 'grudge' quote from personal experience :(

On Press 16 said...

The Quote you used about Tongues of Glass is actually a poem by the Poet Shaun Shane and is called Tongues Made of Glass. It is a very famous poem of his.